Multimind vs. Monomind: Who Would Win the Heavyweight Title??

Multimind vs. Monomind – which are YOU?  And WHICH DO YOU THINK WOULD WIN!

(announcer*): “And HERE, in THIS corner we have . . . MONOMIND!!!”  (Crowd hoots, catcalls) . . .

(announcer looks over at other side): “And here from the Planet Zero, we have the (whispers) supposedly powerful NEW contender: MULTIMIND!”  (Crowd shifts nervously in their seats, refusing to acknowledge their own local super hero.)

And the fight begins:

Who would win?  Multimind? or MONOMIND?

Here’s the difference I can tell you from experience: Multimind (MPD minds) have MANY minds going on in their heads.  Also from experience I know this: many minds can work in the background while ONE is talking to you (yeah, it’s ME, Elvis, your fan and friend, TYVM).  The so-called ‘powers’ of the multimind are this:
A) Ability to deeply analyze due to a fact storage device THIS multimind has created (imagine your home computer on steroids) –
(announcer): And multimind goes in, brain cells blazing!  Lookit him go!  There’s smoke comin’ out his ears, he’s got so much going! . . . processing scientific and technical data as fast as …hmm – slow lightning!”  (crowd cheers)

B) The ability to use several minds (or personalities) at one time. (Our ‘effective*’ limit is 3.)
(announcer): “Oh! And LOOK! Multimind comes out swinging – with ALL SIX FISTS!”

C) (announcer) “OH MY GOD, MONOMIND DIDN’T EVEN SEE THAT ONE COMING!” (multimind delivers a sharp, toe-in arched foot kick to his opponent’s throat)  Monomind GOES down, grabbing throat…
“HE” (monomind) “DIDN’T EVEN HAVE A CHANCE TO FIGHT BACK!”  (announcer chuckles, knowing this would be the outcome, MultiMind having taken on Monominds MANY times before: and we almost ALWAYS win, for multimind, well . . . read below)

This all works out fine in our mind, of course – but sometimes (it has happened in the past, TRUST me) – the MultiMind knocks his OWN self out!

(announcer’s voice) “And …. (gasps from the crowd, the announcer) … MULTIMIND HAS DELIVERED A MASSIVE KNOCKOUT BLOW TO HIMSELF IN THE HEAD!”

Time Out: Who won? Monomind is down (and pissed off) – Multimind is just standing there, trembling, looking into himself and seeing: chaos.  The Controller has either a) walked away in disgust, or b) allowed the knockout blow to be delivered, or c) (as sometimes happens) the crowd goes wild, ‘kills’ the Controller – and THEN chaos reigns! (happened in the late 80’s or so, he was un-technically dead for about 2, 3 years then. Bad times, as you can imagine, as the system went amok.)

Multiminds were designed to withstand . . . anything which might threaten their inner core’s survival (the mind of a creative child).  Naturally, since they were designed by a child, some things don’t make sense.  In the case of THIS multimind, WE were trained in: martial arts, USMC service (deadly deadly as sin, trust me there, Sir!), 13 years of Survival training (arctic wilderness to desert, even ocean survival).  Just in ‘case’, there’s “the Soldier” in me, who tames and controls the “Beastie” one (Soldier’s favorite pet – and amazingly, becoming OUR friend due to Jeffery’s tutelage).

WE ARE INTO SURVIVAL: that’s what a multimind says.  It was ALL set up so that a lonely, orphaned (so to speak), unloved (no affection found), molested (so he could trade his body IN for something that FELT like love but wasn’t: ended up shaming us all, though we are rapidly in the process of dealing with him, and his twin alter, B*) – beaten, locked in his room sometimes for 6 months at a time; very few toys to play with (most old and taken away – him crying – even though he’d done as the PARENTS had said, and taken care of them. sad sorta, huh (hon; we embrace).

And THAT’s the power of the multimind.  Gotta problem?  WE got someone to DEAL with IT/THAT/or THEM – whatever “it” may be.

1)We’ve got this guy, M_, who is our Tech Spec**.
WE still can’t believe this guy: leaning on ‘Scientists’ shoulders (Sci-guy is educated in almost every field; 16 years of post HS ed plus about 1000 books helped) –
who in turn leans on the old Professor (busy recording EVERY SINGLE STINKIN’ FACT of everything WE’VE ever read (from . . . Jesus CHRIST! does it go THAT far back?? – 1 year old? naw… just a little from then: but I CAN see the first book I read: kid’s book about a Martian, (Mr. Green or something???)
This guy tested out at a (announcer’s voice) “Whompin’ 160 to 180 pounds of IQ!”  Weird, huh?  And M_ shares his powers with the rest of us so that WE can do our mission, which is To SURVIVE (the child’s mission).

2) Then of course, as mentioned, Mr. Professor – always a very busy man indeed! (His goal: chart EVERYTHING OF EVERYTHING, then everything else again.  He ‘passes’ info out to whoever requests it.  Lately he’s been SO busy he’s had to ‘clone’ himself to keep up with Jeffery’s promises and progress. (Yes, I can see TWO of them in the dusty old lab just scribbling furiously away as I (Elvis) type this.)

3) Then there’s the Controller, who is responsible for bringing up the right ‘voices’ (plus their mindsets, personas, controlling behavioral expressions of those personas (can’t let the whole world know we’re insane! The awful GD Social stigma thing, which HURTS US VERY BADLY YOU (the READER) should be knowing by now)
HE’s the guy “in charge” at this moment, letting me type (…me Elvis checking . . . and its – announcer voice: “M_!”  thank ya very much, M_, for letting me do this.”

He gives a little bow, frowning because he has to concentrate VERY hard on what EVERYONE is doing at ONE time; controlling EACH one of them (albeit some just a little bit), making sure no one gets ‘out of hand’, and wrecks or ruins the system.

On a side note to that: We have had loss, injuries, and extreme damage to our controller person at times (current position held by JW, who is lax, lets folks run around; hence that terrible ‘Freelancing’ style which I, Elvis, frown on (but let go sometimes, for the benefit of our Audience (us feeling like bugs under a microscope now)).

We’ve almost nearly killed the last one a few times; the one before (Matt, the teenager) almost killed us, too, when he crawled out of that massively enormous and absolutely coldly unemotional “MACHINE” he built. (now lays in the desert, chrome sides still shining, ruined – we are hoping!!  There’s the temptation sometimes to pick up the old armor —

AND WE JUST REALIZED – that’s the Soldier’s other skill: being totally unemotional about killing someone for system survival, if required (don’t worry folks, he’s benign; the Sgt’s got a HUGE heart in him, and is dedicated to only one thing: his DUTY to PROTECT AND DEFEND – and yes, YOU, dear audience, he looks at with the same eyes as his ‘soldiers’ –

“gotta take care of my men and innocent civilians,” he growls, chewing a cigar butt.  Old ex-Marine, tougher than nails, harder than rocks, and can be colder than ice (and how he does that, as you read, has just suddenly become apparent on this Ship of Fools of Mine (We hear Jeffery gently laughing – but not mocking).

Okay, I see they want to go into Freelancing mode; NOT going to happen (shaking my head(s?), – yup, Controller agrees – at them.

Until later my friends – signing off with the daily news

More news at 11.
Your friend and Editor in CHIEF (had to say that EXTRA loud, looking sternly at hte crowd as they are snickering at me). They know the rules: majority matters.

Until later (perhaps news at 10?)
Your Friend ELVIS (and sons?? my GAWD, are there MORE in here …. stomping off the stage)

Controller: Ladies and Gentlemen, Elvis has left the building.  You may all depart now.  We have work to do.  M_ needs to mow the yard; he’s been very patient asking to come ‘up’ to get normal housework and chores done.  Will you let him? (majority rules)

(crowd whispers and walks off )…. E. speaking, cuz’ I got the ‘come on back’ call.
see ya!

*after 3 minds get going, the system destabilizes; too many minds in the pot, so to speak; too much ‘babbling’ and seizures for control, if you get my drift – e.

**Tech Spec: this is “Mister Fix-it” – wives, ya gotta love him.  Grimly powered by the Soldier when he needs to be (Soldier is MISSION DRIVEN), he has done it all: been an engineer in various fields, started several businesses (until depression drove all of us under; SO keeps hers going, which we helped birth). He cuts grass, mends pipes, runs electrical – even does the laundry!  Whut cha’ gotta say for him, Crowd? (hearing modest applause – modest because THEY had a hand in ‘creating’ him, the ‘old’ Controller.


About jeffssong

JW is an adult childhood abuse survivor with DID*. He grew up in a violent family devoid of love and affection. He is a military brat and veteran. He no longer struggles with that past. In 1976 JW began writing "The Boy". It took 34 years to complete. It is currently on Kindle ( ), or if you prefer hard copy, on Amazon ( JW resides somewhere in the deep South. He is disabled and living with family. Note: Please feel free to take what you need; all is free to all. With that in mind, keep it that way to others. Thank you. We have 3 Blogs - One for our younger days, 0-10 (The Little Shop of Horrors); one for our Teen Alter and his 'friends' (also alters) with a lot of poetry; and finally "my" own, the Song of Life (current events and things)
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