The Infinite . . . a Q and A: Session 1

What we think, meaning in our new opinions:

  • Is God all powerful?  Okay, here you go. E=mc2. Find the best scientific minds on earth.  Ask them to use that to calculate the total energy potential of all matter (including dark matter) in the Universe, add that to the total sum of all energy in the Universe (including dark energy … plus something else.  (maybe the string theory guys are onto something? we wonder.))  Have them give you the total.  That is the ‘power’ God has at his disposal. Or do the math yourself.
  • Why did God “create” Satan?  Infinite freedom of choice and path.
  • Is Satan part of God? Of course. Satan was an angel in the beginning.  Angels have souls.  Souls are part of God.  Therefore a=b=c=a.  Satan is part of God.
  • Why did God make Satan? Because he wanted company, and someone to ‘help’ execute God’s orders to make creation; “Straw Boss”, “Right Hand Man” you might say.  God was the creative spark; Satan the General Contractor.
  • What happened to pit these two against each other?  Can’t say much on this; just that Satan grew jealous (for control) – which led to anger – at both his (Satan’s) self, then the God, then God’s creation.  Can you say “spoiled child”?  BTW: Get this – Satan cannot CREATE.  He can only USE.  Like YOU.  (please see the part on free choice again, won’t you?  And choose to be good, ok?)
  • Does God hate Satan?  Do you hate YOUR child when he’s acting like a brat?  Breaks a few lamps?  Can YOU say “INFINITE love?”.  (Big question is: can you FEEL it burning inside you? If so; good. If not – read on.)
  • Does Satan hate God?  No, not really.  He is that sullen child when you have to discipline him.  It hurts your heart to discipline, but you must – yet you do not love them one iota less.
  • All souls belong to God, but like us, God is a mutli mind – only about an infinity smarter, better, kinder, more generous, most forgiving …(quick intake of breath!) – and all that sorta stuff.
  • Yes, Dorothy, there IS an infinite number of souls – if God so chooses – in a way we are not allowed to describe (later, we hope, sometime!)
  • Does God know what’s going on?  Sure he does, he’s a dynamic God; not some frozen statue in time.
  • Does God know what’s going to happen in the future?  Can you say “fuzzy picture” and “end goal” – but it ain’t an end goal – from the pictures in my mind, it’s also an infinite goal.  Can’t say more, sorry.  Will tell you to click on the link above; read that.  It may give insight. I’m can’t do it for you.  Free choice and all that.
  • What about my dead child? (husband, wife, loved one):  Guess what.  The car got wrecked, but they survived.  All souls belong to God, remember?
  • I don’t think I have a soul.  You’re full of BS.  – Sure, no problem.  Life or words have gotten in way of your mind listening to your  ‘heart’, which then listens to your soul, which then listens to God.  Yeah: long distance relay land line.  Like we used to use in the old days with the (appropriately named) MARS network to call across the ocean in ‘the day.’  Google it, man.  LOL. Then apply what you read to this.
  • I’m already religious . . . but I feel like something is lacking.  I read the Bible (or Koran or Torah, or whatever) – go to (Bible Study, Monk Meditation, whatever) – and . . . I’m scared  I’m gonna die. — (Big hug).  Been there, done that.  Put DOWN the books, and begin having an inner discourse with you’re different ‘sides’, ‘selves’ or whatever.  PUT DOWN THE WORDS, though they will help get  you started.  We use them all the time, LOL!  But read what I wrote on “words” before you start, okay?  Then, if you are still having problems; well . . . I can’t do it for you.  No magic switch here.  You gotta feel it in your heart; talk to YOUR own soul in YOUR voice.
  • What about all the bad things I’ve done?  Trust me.  They were for a purpose. Listen to this: For 20 years I have told my fellow survivors that abuse is like a golden coin, covered in red blood; hanging in your mind dripping; this bloody, bloody coin (jw).  But in this coin of value: look PAST the blood and the deep understanding it gave you, and the compassion and love towards others of  your kind.  It can do that if you learn.. trust me.  And then?  Remember the title here: the “Infinite”.  Get in touch with your soul, make that long phone call – and you’ll not only find out, you’ll feel it: forgiveness, and forgiveness and understanding towards …. everything.
  • If I commit suicide … what happens?  Depends.  God doesn’t want you to commit suicide – but he Understands – and yes, Dorothy: total, infinite forgiveness.  You will ‘be healed’ of your pain: meaning all “THIS” mess ‘goes away’, if need – only to be fed back to you.  Yup, you got it.  Recycle bins for us that don’t … quite . . . get the lesson.  And yes, dear children: we ALL have many lessons to learn.  But God would like you to graduate ‘today’, so to speak, at the ‘end’ of your ‘natural lifetime’ (yeah, he might take you ‘early’ – for reasons, meaning yeah, that car wrecks, you get mugged and shot – that ‘quick’ pain of ‘unplugging’, or the ‘long’ pain of disease to teach YOU a little more before you ‘move on’.  But God would rather you remain in school and NOT try to skip class a little early.  After all: you’ve got grand lessons to to learn; and . . . well, then.  Lets just say a lot of love not only to FIND, but to be FELT.  Feel mo’ better?  If not, give me a ring (says God) – or give me a ‘call’ via the ‘post-it’ box at the bottom – and WAIT until I can get to you (I DO look at those comments, ya know! Specifically for YOU!)  And until then, remember: when all becomes hopeless and the world dark, do this: hang on to the hope for some hope someday.  Okay?  Work for you?  Did for me.  Kept me alive for many long years.  Come here.
    ((((((Big safe warm friendly cuddly hug nothing dangerous hug)))))
    Feel better?  I hope you can feel my love.  And trust me: it will get better, someday (softly singing the Oz tune: Dorothy: “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”)  Here: to make you feel better:
  • My pet dog died.  Is he going to heaven?  Yes.  All living things have souls.  See the part about souls.
  • (gulp!)  Then you mean . . . (horrified eyes) . . . I’m eating souls?  — Yup.  Though you probably ‘kill’ more souls (actually just an animal’s body) driving your car than you do eating.  Think about it.  And anyway: all you are doing is setting those ‘animals’ souls back to the recycle bin a tad bit early.  It’s something everyone has to do.
  • Oh!  And that means you believe in reincarnation?   Don’t shake your head.  Yes I do.  Nothing to be proud of; and ‘past lives’ don’t matter.  The soul is the one that learns the lessons – the ones that really matter.  “Gotta mature them babies!” I hear in my head, and we’re laughing because, yes! It’s funny.  Not mocking you.  I’m one of the babies myself; had my butt spanked goooooood! (ouch! it hurts.  But it was for your own good.)
  • Yeah, that’s the reason.  For ALL the pain, the ‘bad’ things, the losses, the sickness, the ‘death’.  It all ties in together.  Trust me on this.  READ “THE TREE“.
  • Will I go to Hell?  No.  There is no such thing except sorta in Satan’s little world.  Can’t say more.  But I will tell you what I said before: All souls are God’s.  Even yours.  Got it?  Hope so.  and good luck; you are a good person deep down inside – even if YOU can’t see this thing we see.  (yup, ‘see’ everyone out there.  Good luck to all.  And remember: free choice, meaning: up to you.) g’nite, everybody. – JW

Elvis: I could go on, but we’re tired; we’ve got an old broken down body (not TOO broken down, just enough I can’t do physical labor all day long: Marine Corps injuries.  Plus by now they’d SCREAM I was freakin’ nuts – who wants to hire a guy like that?  LOL!!!  Worked big business long enough to know!  NO ONE!!!

Okay, going off laughing my bunions off.  See ya in the next post; got other msg./stuff/laundry (yeah, I’m normal, LO dry L’s, and my breath stinks too.).  WE’RE going on VACATION – gonna bring the “ol damn piano”, but won’t be as prolific.  Gonna be taking ‘our kids’ to the beach (can’t get to that magical Island in the Sky yet; gonna have to die first; gonna be beautiful.)

Until later, my friends,
Your Friend here at Radio Hall;
Elvis the pelvis (quit laffing back there! waving at the crowd!)
we’re gone!!!


About jeffssong

JW is an adult childhood abuse survivor with DID*. He grew up in a violent family devoid of love and affection. He is a military brat and veteran. He no longer struggles with that past. In 1976 JW began writing "The Boy". It took 34 years to complete. It is currently on Kindle ( ), or if you prefer hard copy, on Amazon ( JW resides somewhere in the deep South. He is disabled and living with family. Note: Please feel free to take what you need; all is free to all. With that in mind, keep it that way to others. Thank you. We have 3 Blogs - One for our younger days, 0-10 (The Little Shop of Horrors); one for our Teen Alter and his 'friends' (also alters) with a lot of poetry; and finally "my" own, the Song of Life (current events and things)
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