Asking Questions

On the very short blog posting “In Asking Questions You Begin to Answer Them” (or something like that; we’ll try to remember to ‘link’ this to that one.  Or it should be one blog posting ‘back’ (which is funny; that word symbolizes “time” to us – as well as the fact that it was ‘written’ by someone in the “back” of our head – which is why the name’s kinda fuzzy in there, LOL’ing going on!  Was it good?  We’re wondering; not going back on this thing.  You get looking.  You tell us this thing: did it help you understand anything about … anything?  (LOL’ing going on again, we’ll try to shut that up again… snickers… okay folks in the back ‘back’ there….)

Okay, THAT posting right there (the one above, the “Asking and Answering” sort of thing.)

(ask questions if you don’t understand.)

(Categories Picked & Why:
“Education” as in teaching me and you things (see ‘asking questions’ and finding answers to them.  “Life” is a kinda “family” thing; so are “children” sometimes … “anger” and “depression” well … because they are simply THERE (in everyone’s life, and we’re always asking questions about them things; both ‘inside’ and out sometimes.  Right?  People give me some advice here: is anyone perfectly happy in life here?  Can’t we make some of these things better?”

LOL’ing going on.  I’m asking the questions and hoping you can help in me finding them – when the answer lies within yourself sometimes.  Hoping for love and direction, I suppose in you …. wondering which way to go / it’s going.  Free choice kinda thing there I’m sorta thinking right now; wondering if I’m drawing closer to the right thing: always wondering; and ALWAYS asking myself these durn questions anymore (LOL’ing again!)  Funny thing; my head.

DID because DID is me and we are one and many (smiling at you).  Advantages because that’s what made us ‘strong’ inside; functioning as love and a loving being (or at least trying to get there and be one; no one’s perfect sometimes.)  “Mental Health” and all that mess because it’s something you (and they, them psychiatrist type of nuts (just kiddin’, ya’ll – just having fun: I know you all are trying to do a good job … doing the best with the tools and weapons available; disposable in your hands.)  need to know (Okay, now I’m sighing.  You gotta read the mess OUTSIDE the parenthesis, and THEN go back ‘in’ to make any sense of this thing; I know it gets confusing – but try it.  You’ll see what I mean.  Then it’ll make some kinda sense.  What kinda sense I don’t know (see that “Mental Health” kinda thing again, will ya?  LOL >winking!< just kiddin’, we’re feeling fine.)

But in asking you questions they are answering things; just the same as you are.  So going there can be important.  Just don’t let anyone define who you ARE.  Only YOU can define that for yourself – by asking yourself those questions (the beginning of finding answers) – and defining who and what you are … in everything: life and society and happiness and joy and so-so much more.  It’s hard to do; but trust me: if an old nutcase like me can do it, it certainly can’t be that hard.  You just got to do it on your own; I can’t find your soul.

Okay, there were a few more, but I think you got them – or will get them if you look around.  The symbols and things.  The connections and things.

But I think that most of the things I’m saying is “You can BE a better man.”  Or woman.  Or whatever you are.  Even if you’re some kinda bug-eyed multi-tenticuled human being: I think you’ll do.

We all kinda fit that kind of description – becoming a human being.

Something to work on.  Start asking yourself some questions.  Deal with the hard answers one at a time.  Work on things; get yourself moving.  You can get up . . . and learn to fly again.

Trust me on this one; and you will have faith.

Cuz’ we’re all smiling again …. having Faith in YOU on this one!

Go to it my friend.

And have a ball doing it.  I know we will …..

(humming off asking questions . . . finding the answers within myself…. smiling while I do this thing …)

human interest … cuz we’re interested in ‘humans’.  Check.  Social stigma…some questions we need to be ASKING on this thing ….polyticks becuz’ we need to be asking those folks some things right now – some REALLY hard kinda questions; like where’s all this money going….war-why in the hell have THAT kinda thing goin’ on; just costs money and people hate everything about it – including their own selves…asking too many questions of themselves when it came down to simple (primate) survival going on….PTSD cuz’ PTSD is a condition we ALL too well understand…ALL social issues to “Mankind” (oughta add a category in there, we’re ‘hmming” and kinda thinkin’…)

Anyway, moving on.  Ya’ll have fun.  Lemme know if you got anything out of here.  If not; leave it – feel free to take and leave whut cha’ need.  All the time.

Free Choice kinda thing we’re thinking …. thinkin’ all the time.


About jeffssong

JW is an adult childhood abuse survivor with DID*. He grew up in a violent family devoid of love and affection. He is a military brat and veteran. He no longer struggles with that past. In 1976 JW began writing "The Boy". It took 34 years to complete. It is currently on Kindle ( ), or if you prefer hard copy, on Amazon ( JW resides somewhere in the deep South. He is disabled and living with family. Note: Please feel free to take what you need; all is free to all. With that in mind, keep it that way to others. Thank you. We have 3 Blogs - One for our younger days, 0-10 (The Little Shop of Horrors); one for our Teen Alter and his 'friends' (also alters) with a lot of poetry; and finally "my" own, the Song of Life (current events and things)
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4 Responses to Asking Questions

  1. Kat & Co says:

    “”But I think that most of the things I’m saying is “You can BE a better man.” Or woman. Or whatever you are. Even if you’re some kinda bug-eyed multi-tenticuled human being: I think you’ll do.”” – had us laughing, thanks.

    “”Advantages because that’s what made us ‘strong’ inside; functioning as love and a loving being (or at least trying to get there and be one; no one’s perfect sometimes.) “” – thanks, sometimes people forget there are ‘advantages’ to DID, and that it isn’t all doom and gloom, sure its tough shit to handle and get through, and bugger me if i dont want to throw the towel in at times, but it shows us something, we survived, we’re surviving (shit survival, but heck) hmm advantages, sounds like a credit card deal. not sure why im thinking that, but. You know something, we talk to you, differently. I dont get it. maybe its because you seem really open guys/gurls/tenticaled creatures….. we kinda mash along in a blend when talking (politically correct please – writing) with/to you..instead of checking ourselves and making everything fantasically grammitically and politically correct.
    lost the drift there.

    what i meant to say was thanks for a positive entry and the smile 😀


  2. jeffssong says:

    🙂 “hmm advantages, sounds like a credit card deal.” It is. It’s just you ‘paid’ the interest first (thinking ‘interesting times’ which doesn’t always mean ‘pleasant’ times) – but you were learning (the payoff at the end, LOL! Now we see what you have seen there! LOL’ing!!! (all the time at ourselves)). Good deal; thanks for that! (really! it’s true: you have opened up our own eyes in this thing hon; thanks! (bowing: many thanks).

    “sure its tough shit to handle”. Yes indeed. Until you ‘get the trick’ of ‘loving with compassion’ all your ones inside. Yes indeedy; it’s a hard heart and it’s needy – we are all kinda needing that thing called “LOVE” – even on the inside ‘things’ sometimes! (big smile on that: for real: we are smiling as we write this thing and YOU are the one responsible, NOT us. “You Do A Soul Good” kinda thing, thinking the old “milk” commercials ….LOL, more symbols in that. We are a man of symbols now I am thinking we are thinking and laughing some more inside. Dementia? Yah, maybe: but who cares as long as we happy!)

    “You know something, we talk to you, differently.” LOsoft L, hon! That’s because WE (you and me and all the other ones) are talking HONESTLY at this time (meaning you are embracing those little ones a bit …. letting them talk for you? We don’t know (we are willing to admit) – but for you at least this seems some sort of good thing.

    Congratulations, hon. You’ve made a new friend. (though we were before. Friends, I mean. (gut feeling sort of thing). Since the very beginning; though YOU and “I” did not know it …. LOL, weird thoughts; we are all one even if we ARE separate beings! (LOL’ing and moving on again … got some more ‘posts’ to handle – and we are caring. So many people and so little time: teaching teachers to begin kinda thing. Can’t (sad in me to say) do it all alone.

    Hoping one day you’ll be ‘in the way’ in terms of ‘helping’ us all along (meaning me, you, and all mankind.)
    Good ‘luck’ hon – and all it takes is love (and a little understanding – for ‘luck’ has very little or nothing to do with this thing: it’s all ‘hard work and understanding’. Tough row to hoe.). Wishing you well and better than best.


    • Kat & Co says:

      thank you, friend/s

      smiling now, along with a sense of sadness that there’s so many out there who need help and teaching. One day we’ll reach and teach (hmmm, interesting choice of wording) too

      there was so much i wanted to respond to that comment, but as usual the brain’s gone zonk, nope, not working. Rough therapy session. (well getting home after was rough). Therapy is always good, but thats backwards right? (lol, okay, now i’m getting us tangled up in double meanings and multithoughts!)

      breathe girl breathe. (you can take your finger nails out of the steering wheel now) dont think i’ll ever learn to drive, too many decisions! now that’s off the beaten track and up a side alley thats got nothing to do with this comment. *sighs and tries to laugh at self*

      Im in a jolly old pickle i must admit (mustardmitt!)


      • jeffssong says:

        LOL, mustards and pickles … hmmm, not a tasty treat 😛 LOL!!!
        Glad we made you smile, tho’ I know it’s hard sometimes. (okay, that goes two ways all ways and all the way around).
        but hey: you got ME smiling now (oops! methinks me teeth is showing! Is that a good thing or bad? Definitely “good” since we are smiling even broader now …. (did ja’ know that in monkeys that is a ‘threat”? We’ve wondered on that sometimes; how that ‘threat display” got changed into one of affections.)

        Yah, yah, breath, breath . . . let go of some of that anxiety we all feel. LOL, “therapy is always good”. But tires us out. I know we’ve been doing “therapy” not for ourselves but another woman (yeah – face to face kinda thing) and now we find we are treating her whole family (husband is ‘out of town’ – we’ll deal with him when he comes back and finds his entire household changed . . . and he unable to understand why no one fights or gets upset with him . . . referring him to me instead. Oy vey! Whutta headache that’s gonna be … but WE are actually looking FORWARD to this event, as challenging as it may (WILL!!) be. Found our limits (6 hours at a time) – then we HAVE to get some rest … slept real good (my best) two days ago – so worn out and tired but feeling GOOD about this thing.

        Today? Another session; yesterday we had one.
        It’s quite different when you put on the ‘therapy’ shoes – and you are the one ‘therapizing” instead of the one being ‘worked on’. But still a tiring thing (too many brains going on at the same time: 8 we count when we are ‘working’ with her – no wonder we all get so sleepy-headed!)

        Until later – we see you got another comment ahead on us! LOL – you be sweet and good to all your wonderful selves inside (even if you or they or others might have problems seeing ‘them’ that way). It’s just a matter of compassionate understanding . . . and it will come in time. (hope!)


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