The Case of the Missing Records . . . Continued

So . . . as we’ve stated in our previous blog post, the authorities have no record of having come to our house to pick us up and haul us to the insane ward.

This, according to the authorities (or at least the clerks we’ve talked to), is strange.  Highly irregular.  “Odd”, to put it in one Recorder’s Clerk’s words.  “Impossible”, to put in in the words of another.

Where did those records go?  There should be (according to our information) a dispatch record for the officers who were sent; there should be a report BY the officers stating that they were sent; plus another one stating our disposition when they got here; plus another for when they took me to the psych ward . . .

Instead there is nothing.  Nada.  Not one piece of information.

However, that we were taken there is no doubt.  We have the officer’s name (Claque).  He called my wife prior to them removing me from my own residence.  So we had called Wednesday to get a copy of the records (that’s when we first found out that there was nothing to be found) – and waited for almost twenty-four hours before calling again.

Obviously (and naturally), and according to our own suspicions (that of my wife and I – and/or us) – nothing had been done.  We weren’t surprised.

“After all,” I told my wife, “there’s nobody to bring any pressure down on them to produce these records.  No one but us – and we aren’t anything to them.  So why should THEY make any extra effort to find those records for us??”

She glumly agreed.

And sure enough – no records to be found.  (This was Thursday, yesterday, at about four thirty p.m.)  And . . . get this – I suspect that those records WILL be found – properly ‘pre-dated’ (or is it post-dated?) to the month before; that is, July the 12th, 2011, when the officers first showed up at my door to take me away (ha-ha*).

So here’s the transcript of what occurred yesterday during my phone call with them.  (Them being the local Sheriff’s office.)

I call, get transferred over to records.  Now this is at a small town in Georgia – and they’ve got a courthouse / sheriff’s office that you could throw a stone across (yeah, it’s that small.  Be careful that you don’t hit none of them chickens!)

“Hi!”, I (and we) say.  “This is M.  Do you remember me from yesterday??”
“Oh!  Yeah!” the lady in Records says.  “Can I help you?”
“Yeah,” I say.   “I was wondering . . . did you all ever turn up anything on that police report I called about yesterday??”
“Nooo . . .,” she says thoughtfully.  “We haven’t done anything . . . why?”
“Well, I’d really like to find out what happened . . . why the officers were sent – .”
“That doesn’t have anything to do with me!” she staunchly defends.
“I know,” I answer calmly, reassuring her.  “But I was just wondering – could I get a copy of those records – .”
“Well,” she replies (somewhat huffily), “I told you – I have looked, but I haven’t found anything.”
“Well,” I reply, “Could you bother looking again?”
“Sure!” she replies brightly, and then a few seconds later: “There’s nothing.  This is . . .” (She sounds confused.)
I wait for a moment, then ask:
“Isn’t this a bit unusual?  For there to be no record of me having been picked up by your office?”
“I don’t . . .,” she begins, then brightening again, “I know!  I’ll transfer you over to our Civil Division.  Maybe they have something there . . . if it was a committal . . .”
“Sure!” I say, happy to have anything.
So ring-ding-aling, here comes someone else on the line.
“Hello?  Can I help you?”
“Yes’um,” I say, imagining an older, slightly fat woman.  “My name is M., and I was wondering if you could access some record for – .”
“No!  I can’t do that,” she says firmly (and somewhat impatiently).  I can imagine this place – dead as a doornail, nothing going on (especially at four-thirty-five in the afternoon) – but she sounds like she can’t wait to get me off the line.
“But the Records Clerk . . ,” I say.
“Oh.  That.  Okay.  What’s your address?” she asks, then gets my name again.  I go through the long process of properly spelling everything correctly (I live on a funky street with a funky name, and have my own funky name in the process.)
She pauses.  I hear clacking on a keyboard.  A few moments later she comes back on.
“There’s nothing there.  We have no record of anyone coming to that address or name.”  She’s sounding right impatient and somewhat hostile, as though I am wasting the time she needs to grow some more of that fat on her right precious ass.
“How about the date range?” I ask, being well aware of the searches going on – I’m all too familiar with this kind of process: searching database records and such for some kind of hidden information.  “Did you check for July twel – .”
She cuts me off.
“I checked ALL the records going back to two-thousand and eight.  MY computer calls up EVERYTHING we have from two-thousand eight on . . .”  Then she pauses, considering (I guess.)
“There must have been a commital issued from Probate Court,” she says.  “That’s the only reason I might not be able to find your record . . .”
“But what about Dispatch?” I ask.  “Surely there has to be something in Dispatch.  You all don’t send someone out – someone had to call the officer and send them out.  Surely you can – .”
“Oh.  You want Records,” she abruptly interrupts.  “Let me transfer you – .”

Ring-ding-aling . . .

“Oh, hi!” I say as someone picks up again.
“It’s you!” the Records Clerk says.  “We just talked a few minutes ago!”
“Yeah!” I answer, laughing.  “You see the circle I’m running around!”  (This knowing that these two secretaries – the one from records and the one from Civil are probably sitting cheek to jowl – or practically so – if not actually staring at one another.  Yeah.  LOL.  You remember me saying: this courthouse area is quite small.)  It is now four-forty in the afternoon.
“Who referred you back to me?” she asks, sounding quite clever as she’s doing so.
“Your partner,” I say, “The woman you referred me to – ‘M’.”
“Oh.  And she said?”
“She couldn’t find anything either,” I say.  “I’m really wanting to know who sent me there – who initiated this thing.”  After all, my wife says she didn’t, my daughter didn’t, and my doc told me HE didn’t – and there’s a letter in my medical file from when I did visit the doc and tried to get the same Sheriff’s office to take a statement (more on that later) in which the officers say there is nothing they can do and no reason to take me in.
So she begins paging the original officer – the one who showed up at my door (and starting pounding it in).

He doesn’t respond.
She seems very disturbed by all this now . . .
“I’ll tell you what,” she says, “I’ll call you back – that or Sgt. Claque – as soon as I get in touch with him.”
“Okay!” I say.  And (believe it or not) – I’ve been not only maintaining a good mood through all of this shit, but actually am starting to laugh about it.  A part of me knows: I’ve got ’em good.  Small town politics (and law) – at its best and its worst.

Five-oh-seven pm, and she calls again.

“Hi!,” she says.  “I just wanted you to know I haven’t forgotten about you!”  She’s sounding very friendly, helpful, and kind.  “I’ve paged him three times . . . still no answer.  It’s his day off, you understand . . .”
I bust out laughing.
“Please!”, I say, trying to contain my mirth and feeling somewhat sorry for the officer who is caught in this situation, “for Sgt. Claque’s sake!  This is his day off!  This can wait.  Give the man his free time . . . no need to go on paging him.  It can wait…”
She laughs, then thanks me for understanding.
“I’ll call you back tomorrow morning,” (that’s today, by the way, you folks out there).  “That or Sgt. Claque.  But I just wanted to know what would be a good time . . . I didn’t want to wake you up if you were sleeping in . . .”
“Oh, that’s okay,” I say, laughing again.  (I do a lot of that: laughing.  It’s just me; that’s the way I am: a happy-go-lucky kind of person in here.)  “Any time will do.  After all – I’m a disabled Marine and I ain’t goin’ nowhere . . .”
We both laugh and chuckle.
“So about eight o’clock, eight thirty or so then?” she asks.
“Yeah, that’s okay,” I chuckle back.  “I’ll be here.”   (I should be drinking my coffee and typing on my computer by then (which I am, LOL!!! – just check the timestamp).
“Okay,” she says, “Either I or Sgt. Claque will call you in the morning . . . ’bout eight thirty . . .”
And that’s the end . . .

Should be interesting.  Sgt. Claque was the one who showed up.  Why isn’t there any paperwork on this?  That’s my big question.  I (and we, and we includes me my wife and three) – think we know.  Small town politics – and yet in a BIG town (look up “CSRA” and Augusta Georgia if any of you all care).  Somehow, some way, this officer got marching orders to come to my house and take me away . . .

and yet there are no records there . . .

can you smell lawsuit coming on?  I can . . .

Like I told my wife:
“Something fishy’s going on here,” – and she agrees.  Something improper and wrong has been done.  Protocol and procedure hasn’t been followed (apparently).  That, and someone’s lying . . .
Either its my doctor (and my friend), my wife, or my daughter.

That, or someone’s been forging my records . . . and then stealing them . . .
or something.
Should be interesting . . . stay tuned for the continuing saga as our Ship of Fools sails the encircling reefs . . .
firing our guns all the way :).


(* I add this “ha-ha” based on an old song I hear in which the singer says: “They’ve come to take me away, ha-ha!” – and then some maniacal laughter.)


About jeffssong

JW is an adult childhood abuse survivor with DID*. He grew up in a violent family devoid of love and affection. He is a military brat and veteran. He no longer struggles with that past. In 1976 JW began writing "The Boy". It took 34 years to complete. It is currently on Kindle ( ), or if you prefer hard copy, on Amazon ( JW resides somewhere in the deep South. He is disabled and living with family. Note: Please feel free to take what you need; all is free to all. With that in mind, keep it that way to others. Thank you. We have 3 Blogs - One for our younger days, 0-10 (The Little Shop of Horrors); one for our Teen Alter and his 'friends' (also alters) with a lot of poetry; and finally "my" own, the Song of Life (current events and things)
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6 Responses to The Case of the Missing Records . . . Continued

  1. MFF says:

    When dealing with people that get paid for what they say they do rather than what they do I always look for the time record scam. They may have a record of being somewhere else where they were not, say looking for someone and could not find them. Then they double bill as they were taking you somewhere. They have to wait until they are sure no one is going to check than they just slip in your time and if there is a discrepant they just say I made a mistake. Don’t forget you are considered crazy so there is less risk. Children even less risk.

    Did they by any chance take the long way there?

    Or it just could be good old incompetence. You can know they will get paid for their time they are competent at that.

    No matter what it will be able to be explained away and determined that no damage was done to you and therefore no lawsuit. Just a mistake made by overworked understaffed government employees working as hard as they can to beef up their pension. No one is going to risk their pension by a real investigation.

    I was involuntarily committed once. I had a hearing and told the judge”I am ready to leave and this is all about the hospital gets paid more if I am involuntarily committed. This nurse who is in obvious distress is in distress as she knows that I should not be involuntarily committed”. The judge could not hold my gaze and I said “Thank you you honor.” He knew what I meant. Then I was committed and the hospital got their fee. I call it the new corruption. No need to take bribes there is a way to legally line your pockets.

    A word of caution. Should you threaten their pension they can get pretty creative.

    I could go on and on. Cops and bails bondsmen big pay off. Judge gets to work a few hours a week and lawyers run up their fees. In a custody battle I had three lawyers tell me well if that is what you want we will go before the judge right now. I said “It is 2:00 o’clock there are no judges in this court house. This is about you three running up your bill. You are trying to make me sweat and I am playing games on my IPAQ while you run up the bill. I am not impressed.”

    I am done with that. I spent go much of my life making idiots out of fools. They will be here when I die and they were here when I was born.


  2. jeffssong says:

    Hi Michael.
    We now have physical evidence that our medical records were forged and/or altered, perhaps by a medical secretary, as well as strong evidence that our doctor lied, as well as a copy of the FAX sent by our doctor’s office to the cops which contradicts what the doctor said and determined the day before AND our doctor pointed to the diagnosis from our original visit and said “THAT’S not my handwriting!” – and it wasn’t – it was something someone else had written in (a made up diagnosis) – plus a statement from the doctor’s office the day of our visit stating that the Sheriff’s officers had said that there was no reason to take me in (not suicidal, not threatening anyone) … LOTS of irregularities going on in police procedure, but a definite boo-boo by the doctor’s office – and they couldn’t – and CAN’T – cover this one up. There’s too much contradictory evidence WRITTEN there – right in their own records!! Plus a determination which is based upon a non-professional person … forgery … even more. It’s all there and we’re building a case. I want to go into a lawyer’s office, put this before him, and be able to say with confidence: “This is one you’re gonna win.” Nothing to get a lawyer’s lust up like a little profit to be made – especially an easy case like this one. Plus there’s a whole lot of other “stuff” …. abuse issues, being made to walk in shackles until my ankles (already damaged by our PR experience) bled; not being fed while in the hospital the first day and a half (twice, since they transferred us to another hospital after a few days – shrinks not wanting to make a decision bucking us up to the next one) … so we lost weight after having come in dehydrated and malnourished because the hospital didn’t give us any food – and then the food they did give us wasn’t enough to put on any weight.
    And those physical injuries? Nobody treated them; no one at all. Not one nurse, not one doctor. Had it not been for our own physical care (we used silver iodide sheets we’d gotten from a burn ward some years ago to stave off our infections) – we’d have been in trouble. The hospitals and doctors didn’t do a thing (except damage us ALL – including my wife and kid, emotionally speaking – some EXTREME and violent damage done there!)

    Anyway – we’re gonna get a lawsuit going – we’re gonna use a lawyer to pry some more of that paperwork loose in ‘there” (“there” being the “system” files) – for we’ve seen a copy of the police report (though the records office has assured us there was none – the hospital where we were first admitted showed us ‘something’ – but wouldn’t allow us to read it . . .) <- things like that. As an individual (and as a victim) I've found we carry very little clout "in there" – but with a lawyer going behind the scenes and twisting some arms . . .

    Well, we're more than a little bit hopeful. We're thinking we're gonna be winning.
    And then I'm gonna make my (and our) money the old fashioned American way . . .
    We're gonna sue their pants off.



  3. MFF says:

    I am not trying to discourage you and an well with you that an injustice has been done. I am with you that you deserve compensation.

    The courts do not work like they pretend they do. Psychiatry liability is limited to doing something out of the ordinary not what is right or wrong. A general Dr suggesting you need to be evaluated has ZERO liability.

    There is no liability in not giving a Dx of DID. There is great liability in giving one.

    Without intense media coverage the government which includes the police have zero liability. The police can shoot you and the odds of it being prosecuted are nill. You read about the exception as in the New Orleans shooting. That they could have got away with if they had not done the cover up.

    The arbitrary and capricious standard does not seem to be met meaning they did what they did to harm you. That they did harm you is what is known as incidental. I just do not think you are going to get any traction with that harm was deliberate.

    That being said you are looking at negligence resulting in harm. Again I am not saying you were not harmed. I agree you were. The harm in what the courts deal with each day is not substantial.

    You always need to know who to sue. I am not sure who you are going to name as a defendant. Right now it looks like your could sue your Dr for making a wrong Dx and mistaken opinion. Not going to happen.

    I have been in court and produced altered documents by lawyers. It was determined it was wrong but not prejudicial. No harm no foul.

    You are on the right track with the only thing that counts is what is written. What was said means nothing.

    The shackles as it did not result in permanent injury is no problem. It is standard procedure and they would have been exposing themselves to liability had they not put you in shackles.

    Unfortunately what you describe with not being fed or treated is the standard of care in mental health wards. I passed a kidney stone in the hospital with no treatment what so ever.

    I am cheering for you and hope you get somewhere. I just happen to have been through it and got no where. Best I did was get a clerk of the court fired and three lawyers that no longer practice.

    There is a standard on wrongful incarceration. All citizens are subject to the risk of wrongful incarceration and the government accepts no liability. Again this does change if the case has high publicity.

    The forgery is a hook for sure. You have to know who did it and you have to be able to prove it. You can not sue someone for not knowing a document was forged. The highest probability from what you have written was done by the the Dr’s employee and he is lying. He made the Dx knows he was wrong and his employee wrote it up.

    Somewhere along the line there is a document that says someone in their opinion felt you were a danger to yourself or others. If there is not one yet there will be. There is zero liability in saying you are in danger or a danger when you are not., NONE. Great liability in saying you are not and you are. Wrongful death thing.

    As a practical matter you need to find out who in your area sues Dr’s and mental facilities. They may get you a small settlement for being wrongly incarcerated. Highest probability is they fucked up with no liability.

    You do not have to actually say you are a danger to others. Any professional can say that from there experience you exhibited behavior consistent with those who harm themselves or others. I know you are not schizophrenic or paranoid. You meet the criteria at times in your writing. i know you are working hard and working things out.

    By the way for as recently finding out you were in MKULTRA I think you are doing very well. Much more better than I did.


  4. jeffssong says:

    Hi Michael.
    You make many valid points. We’ve taken note of your statement about “time padding” and due to that statement we will be on guard against anyone padding their own time on our own money. LOL, couldn’t help but notice almost all the lawyers are running full page ads in the Yellow Pages, which tells me they are raking in the dough – the wife and I are both well aware what those cost since we’ve both been in business for ourselves several times at one time or another, and she still is.

    Altered Records, Forgeries, and Additions to Records.
    One of the reasons we’ve gotten into collecting our records ‘early’ is to catch them by surprise. My wife and I both suspect what was going on and who did what; however, due to legal reasons, I’m not going to name there here myself. LOL (dryly, somewhat) – we’ve dealt in ‘law things’ before, and know how to write a good contract – plus we’re an inherent ‘studier’ – learning is what I love to do – and “legal” just falls into another ‘interesting’ category. Plus (smiling) – we’ve learned to use laws to our own effect sometimes – beginning in the Marine Corps and continuing on since then: ‘bending’ the rules and USING the rules against “them” (whoever ‘them’ may be – from the government to folks who throw out their trash alongside the road) … not that I’m a legal expert – far from it. Know enough to know when to say “quit” and get a professional hand in this “stuff”. (and by “stuff” you know what four-letter word I’m meaning here, I suppose and laugh out loud. Of course you do, LOL!)

    By getting all the paperwork early – and making sure our written requests specifically SAY “all paperwork, documents, faxes, and communications” – any additions will be brought to note. We’ve got repeated statements from multiple witnesses that I never expressed any threats towards anyone (except that I would, if necessary to save my life or life of my family, defend myself or them against this guy who said (in private) that he was going to kill me and my family.) However, I did by guns, which sort of attests to that fact – and gave one to my wife (who needed one anyway – she works with $$$$), one to my daughter – a smaller one for myself, and one to keep at home.
    I’ve got statements by the city police and county sheriff’s officers that I never threatened anyone nor threatened to harm myself, and that I was open, friendly, and more than cooperative. The statement that the Dr’s “clerk” recorded (and as was stated) during my first contact with the Sheriff’s office to make a report was that the officers said that since I was neither homicidal nor suicidal, there was no reason to take me in.
    Sooo …. getting all this documentation early – a key and a clue as to what was actually done.

    AS to harm and expense: well, financial harm, emotional harm – lots of folks were ‘harmed’ – and I’m gonna have a fair crowd (hopefully!) standing up ‘behind’ me and testifying on my behalf. They can testify my wife was ‘devastated’, had to shut her business doors . . . my daughter had to delay her moving . . . parents still aren’t talking to me (except in a most general, distant – or “how’s the weather over there” kind of way – and even then it’s just because they’ve came to see someone else). Hospital expenses I didn’t ask for, didn’t need, and – again as wife and child can testify – hurt me more than helped me, since (as my wife says) “You were HAPPY when you got back from Puerto Rico!” – and spreading good, love, and charity – and now (ever since I’ve been released from “the clutches of the insane system” – am not. Could say more on that, but won’t. >wink!<

    Anyway – I (and we!) do appreciate the information and more. We figure due to the MK angle, we're could get publicity outta this, but first things first. Publicity is in backup battle plan – (ok, we're chuckling a little bit now) – as we do 'battle' with opposing forces. That's how we do business. Kinda "chess" and "battle" style, constantly escalating, and using social forces besides. You know the drill. We'll see. We've played social games before; did one a few years back (about a dozen or so) just to see if we could. Ended being one of the co-leaders of a 35K person online movement against an online auction company. LOL, was really good . . . but we were doing it simply as part of on online experiment. We never expected it to succeed – and it didn't. I withdrew my 'forces' outta there and went on to do something better. Life, LOL.

    As far as that MK sort of thing: I still don't 'get it'. I guess I (and we, some of us in here, anyway) are having trouble 'buying into it'. If it happened it could not have been like your experience – not one bit. Never prostituted, never 'spun', and as far as I know, never a lot of the stuff you had to endure . . . but then again . . . I dunno. My daughter was the one who informed me that based upon her research (and knowing what she does about me, my past, my preferences, the way I think and all) – I was a "Monarch Child". And the term "Almond" kept coming up in my mind as to what 'program' I was in. Haven't a clue about that one, dude – haven't been able to find a thing (unless you want to count some wonderful Almond harvests happening over in California and that kind of thing) . . . but there's also no doubt my dad worked on "spy stuff" (comm. electronics), mostly for aircraft – and we were on some funky bases – and did I or didn't I see some Pershing nuclear missiles roll by when I was but a little child living in Germany (despite those being totally against SALT treaty at the time … rolling right there, right on through our own little American base dependent's neighborhood …. dunno …. dunno a thing about that one, man, if'n you know what I mean, LOL)

    Daughter & wife say that if I was in a program, I may not know it. I have a few theories on my own. There is/are evidence that my dad was doing some 'brain tampering' on his own – two of my little ones can well remember those sessions wherein he would try hypnotizim on us and failed – but (LOL!) – who's to say he didn't SUCCEED – and then just implanted those memories of failure – or I only remember the times he failed because he did the old "you won't remember any of this" trick before reawakening? (we're familiar with these tricks; we've studied them on our own, but have never – for obvious reasons (don't want to hurt anyone!) – tried to do it to others – even if it IS for their own benefit!)

    Anyway – we'll keep ya posted – lots to do – supposed to be writing a statement to drop on prospective lawyers' desks along with about a dozen or so other documents (prove the case before he can even win it) – and wing it from there. Would be good to hear from you if you sniff something going on. Can't post everything (legal reasons involved) – but …

    wishing you good, hoping you can find peace in the lake – a good cold swim sounds good right now – but we've got work to do, and it's a muggy hot humid Georgia day … no time to go to the lake for me.

    Until later;
    yer friends over here in the nuthouse (where all the squirrels come to eat, LOL'ing!)


  5. MFF says:

    Pretty much MKULTRA was many many programs all run at the whim of who ever got the grant. In my case the cults were supposed to be the ones to “run” all of us.

    I met some when I was a child that were more military than the spy stuff. It is nice to blame the CIA. The navy was part of it also.

    Watch out for the settlement where they agree to pay for all the hospital costs that you never should have had in the first place.

    You are pretty knew to the MKULTRA stuff. There were hearing in congress, there were settlements in Canada and there have been many many books and many television shows. Pretty much it is old news. Clinton apologized for it. Same say as the OJ verdict was read. Brave man.

    Break what they did to children and you will have a story. Not just telling it that has been done. Someday there will be notes or documentation that shows up.

    There was just a settlement in Mass about giving children radioactive oatmeal.

    Not outside the realm of possibility that you father was part of MKULTRA as an adult and tried to use his knowledge on you.

    Hypnotism does not work. See weight loss and smoking cession. If people could be made to be mindless robots there would be a lot of them.


  6. Pulitzer prize substance here.


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