DID: The Souls Within

DID.  MPD.  The Souls Within.

When the mental health community decided to merge MPD (multiple personality diagnosis) and BPD (Borderline Personality Diagnosis) within the DID (dissociative identity disorder) definition, they did themselves and others a great disservice.  But never mind.  This isn’t about that thing.

This is about the Souls Within.

We’ve come to look at ourselves as exactly that: Souls Within.  After all, we’re a ‘spiritual being’ living in a human lifetime (thanks, MFF for supplying that: exactly the right phrase) – so why not ‘many more’?  After all, it seems that way.  Each ‘part’ of me has its own personality, emotions, outlooks, perspectives, perceptions – even their own concepts of ‘religious fact’ –  not to mention our spiritual components – the Core, an angel (our own), Satan, and his friend “The Beast” – all of which we’ve come to love – and who are loving us.  There’s some others on the side, but that’s not important.  What IS important is that to us (me, them, whatever) – they are all “souls”, and we try to treat them (us) that way.  With love and kindness, sympathy and understanding – just like you’d do anybody, especially the ones who have been hurt in time somewhere.

And sometimes – excuse the pun! – I think I’m not alone.  There are ‘others’ out there – MPD (DID) friends – and who doesn’t “argue within themselves” upon occasion?  Everyone talks to themselves some of the time . . . just ‘who’ is it you are talking to, anyway?  Yourself?  Or someone else inside you?  One of your own ‘souls’ within?  Do they whisper to you?  Tempt you into doing something?  Are there ‘sides’ to yourself . . . one part ‘wanting’ to do something great? – while another ‘part’ sits at home watching TV . . . arguing with ‘himself/herself’ . . .?

So who’s to say what goes on in the human mind – or soul?  (And who’s to say there IS a soul?  I do: based upon science – the emerging theories of alternative and parallel universes, the fact that scientists say that we simply can’t “see” 94% or more of everything – quantum physics, string theory – those kinds of things.  Evidence supports the conclusion of the possibility of occasional ‘interferences’ (which may explain some of the paranormal activity people have been complaining about for so long) – and the fact that we humans – and life itself – often have ‘felt’ we have souls.  Personally, I think that there is something very special about a living being, whether it be a single cell or a huge galaxy wide amoeba like being – that ‘life’, in and of itself, creates a very special circumstance which ‘calls’ to nature (so to speak) – ‘arranging’ in some way those quantum physics – perhaps even giving way to dark matter and dark energy at some other end of the spectrum – in which “life” as we know it is giving rise to another kind of being . . . who knows?  Call this being ‘god’, call it what you want to – but you are a ‘living part of it’ – whatever ‘it’ may be.

Or not.  Believe what you want.  It’s not up for me to decide.

But in my case I’m (we’re!) a lot happier considering ourselves souls within – trapped within this human body but for a short time – and yeah, there’s a ‘lot’ of us, because we can make more all the time . . . with a bit of strain and effort . . .

And that’s our point.  We believe that human kind is in the business of making souls within . . . so that one day there can be more souls ‘without’ – meaning populating somewhere else in this universe (or one of the many theorists say may just be laying around . . . right around the corner of that next atom, or embedded in your big toe – just like OURS might be in some way – a mote ‘caught’ in God’s eye . . .).

And that’s why there are so many of us – and why YOU are arguing with yourself, wondering if this may be true . . .

We watched a show last night which tends to support our argument.  It was on the Discovery Channel, part of their ‘new’ series “Curiosity“, featuring Morgan Freeman (an actor we ALL love, like, respect and admire and would love to just meet and see what he’s really like one day.)  This particular show was (to my surprise!) “Parallel Universes – Are They Real?” – a fairly “out there’ topic for most of the human audience.

And before you go all knee-jerk reaction on me and reject the data and my ‘theory’ – READ.  LEARN.  Then come back and reject my data if you can.  Fact is, my (and our) ‘Theory of Souls” isn’t any more ‘out there’ than the theories presented in that show – or in conventional theories of dark matter and quantum physics.  In truth, souls may exist – and they may exist in us – as a ‘part’ or parcel from some other alternate ‘universe’ . . . inhabiting this piece of matter for a bit of time . . . and then moving on to something else – ‘someone’ else – something, somewhere – we may even not be ‘here’, but just occupying a bit of space while our ‘body’ (whatever and wherever THAT may be) . . . moves on.

It gets a little bit twisty if you think about it for too long – so don’t.  You might twist your brains in a knot thinking about it . . . or else you’ll see that something ‘else’ is coming down your road . . . you never know when it might be your own time to ‘move on’.  (wry – and fatalistic smile there, by the way my folks ….)

But in OUR case this appears or could be the situation:

We are a being with ‘many souls’ within … how they got there doesn’t make any difference.  The ‘trick’ to it is getting along . . . where one is many and many are one, ‘someone’ has to make the decisions . . . only in this case it’s a “lot” of us . . . and I’m suspecting the same is true for YOU, too – be you monomind or not.  That each of us possesses within them the ability to make more souls . . . “people” within – whether they be based upon someone you know or love – or just on a ‘highly active imagination’ (the prerequisite for a sorely abused child to ‘create’ new living souls within him . . . in order to just get along) . . . I’ve seen this sort of thing in myself and in others . . .

The mother who says she can sometimes feel her departed child looking on . . .
My wife, who says she feels her father’s presence when she’s at his grave (his ‘soul’ in her . . . a part of ‘her’ that’s spun off and ‘made’ another soul . . .)

And we think people are capable of a lot of things – and that due to the laws of ‘infinity’ – an infinity of things can be going on . . .

right there in front of you . . .

You never know what’s in another person’s mind.  For instance, in ‘mine’ (ours) there are a plethora of different universes . . . going back to that show again …. and who’s to say ‘we’ don’t share this body with a lot of things . . .

It just goes to show

You never know.

And you might have a lot of Souls Within.

Cultivate them.  Love them.  Group hug.  And show them the way . . . to greater light and happiness . . .

In the Universes beyond.



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JW is an adult childhood abuse survivor with DID*. He grew up in a violent family devoid of love and affection. He is a military brat and veteran. He no longer struggles with that past. In 1976 JW began writing "The Boy". It took 34 years to complete. It is currently on Kindle (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004T3IVKK ), or if you prefer hard copy, on Amazon ( http://www.amazon.com/Boy-J-W/dp/1461022681). JW resides somewhere in the deep South. He is disabled and living with family. Note: Please feel free to take what you need; all is free to all. With that in mind, keep it that way to others. Thank you. We have 3 Blogs - One for our younger days, 0-10 (The Little Shop of Horrors); one for our Teen Alter and his 'friends' (also alters) with a lot of poetry; and finally "my" own, the Song of Life (current events and things)
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12 Responses to DID: The Souls Within

  1. Michael says:

    Define soul and then we can argue the point.

    Or in the alternative the big bang is really when light met matter and time is not relative rather on a linear curve and when one measures the cord of that curve it appears algebraically to be relative. Notice it never goes backwards which indicates liner.

    When matter and light were separate there was one soul an all knowing soul and that memory is God. This one soul split when light met matter and is still spiting with certain degrees of separation.

    More importantly the Ritz I bought are oval and not at all round. Is this a mistake or a bad batch or is this what I can expect in the future? What will be the effect on a pepperoni and cheese and Ritz cracker be? Will I have to make adjustments? Will the essence of the taste be different? Was the Ritz maker drunk, having a bad day or a good day?

    I do have one answer. Hostess cupcakes are more chocolatey. They are smaller is why. Most likely the price of corn which is really the price we all paid for Al Gore to try and be president and then taking the money left over to push his global warming rhetoric.(In Greece Gore admitted that the corn for fuel thing was to get money from the Arkansas farmers.) Not unlike McGovern taking the money left over from his campaign to find a way to feed the poor and the result was the stupid food triangle which is now turned upside down.

    Better to reelect Obama than see what his Harvard brain does with all the money left over from the campaign.

    Note MFF is Michael just a WordPress thing that I have straighten out.

    So where did the matter and light come from?


  2. jeffssong says:

    🙂 We love physics – not able to ‘do the math’ – but very able to visualize it (thank you, Hawkings!). And we won’t argue with you – we just used what we know (and more importantly, what we know about what WE – meaning all mankind – DON’T know – meaning what theorists and physicists have been finding out over the past ten or fifteen years) – to come to the conclusion that “Yes! There is a potential or possibility of ‘souls’ or something like it existing.” More importantly, Michael, is this: if you get a chance, watch that program and see what Morgan Freeman says about “egos” and how he may actually be a “collection of egos” each of which is ‘fighting’ through a quantum phase or parallel/alternative universe (think Schrodinger’s Equation) to establish the ‘ego’ he is at this moment . . .

    Ah, and the elliptical Ritz! Are you sure you didn’t get Townhouse crackers? They’re oval – and taste just like a Ritz (my fav cracker, BTW) – but have a little ‘indent’ for fillings and other good stuff . . . however, as you so astutely pointed out, a pepperoni slice will NOT fit correctly on an oval shaped cracker! However, slicing the pepperoni at a sharp angle will yield oval shaped pieces, which should fit the cracker a little better . . . yah, I used to get paid big bucks for thinking up stupid things like that . . . (thinking “assembly line processes” … gotta get 10,000 pieces of pepperoni to fit those oval shaped crackers just sooo! exactly! . . . and moving on…)

    We gave up Hostess cupcakes and Twinkies a long time ago . . . though I must say, the creme filling was good … not that big a fan of chocolate anymore. Or any candy/sweets. Fruit is good, tho!

    Never could see the sense in burning your food supply (corn) just to make fuel . . . which adds to pollution, by the way, since burning ANYTHING creates pollutants . . . unless you just happen to be burning hydrogen all the time . . . in which case expect some rain ….

    🙂 Knew MFF was a misnomer, but wanted you to have the opportunity to remain anonymous if you want. Will be happy to post a link back to your blog if you desire. Or not. Your call, Michael.
    And BTW our teenager is …. hmm. Sorta saluting you. Or the guard in you. I think he recognizes a bit of himself in Redbeard.
    And Mikie sez “hey”. Not to sure or you, LOL. Anyway … have fun, dude. Take a swim for us. We could use one.


  3. Michael says:

    Come on now is it likely that I would make a rookie mistake of not making sure I did not have a different cracker? Don’t solve problems that do not exist. ‘ Smile

    Really good one with the slicing the peperoni at an angle! I do so like ellipses. Take two nails and drive them into a piece of wood. Then take a string and tie it into a loop. Run a pencil around the string keeping the sting taunt. Instant perfect ellipse.

    I was not inviting an argument per se it was a short cut to any theory starts with an assumption. Start with the assumption of many egos and go from there sort of thing.

    Again not starting and argument other than intellectually. You state that you are going with what you know. Knowing is a hard thing and often confused with what is really a belief. Beliefs are important for me. It is important for me to know where they came from, allow for them to change and not belief that the number of people that share my beliefs has any effect on the accuracy of those beliefs yet does have great effect on the power of the belief.

    I love physics and just see it, I can do the math good news is it is not necessary. You might find this helpful. I separate math from arithmetic. You can hire people to do the math it takes not imagination. “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. Enistien.,

    With my work in the last 5 years where science and knowledge are in my life has changed. It is more of an interest than a way. I am a certified soil and wetland scientist. I am really a technician that gets paid to submit plans to conform to bad regulation. I would love to go to a county where I actually accomplished something,


  4. 🙂 We ‘hate’ arguments – but LOVE intellectual debate! as it can give rise to new insights – and we aren’t so proud that we will stick to our guns when they have been proven empty. LOL – more than willing to admit I/we made a mistake and move on. And with quantum physics, string theory, and all ‘that’ stuff – well, most of it is theory anyway, so we are basing theories on theories – which is a lot like walking a tightrope strung between two tightropes – with a lot of second guessing.

    The pepperoni problem, LOL. We didn’t figure you had mistakenly selected Townhouse over Ritz – but we never know! (Look at it from our perspective. We couldn’t assume anything.) But that sort of problem solving is sort of what we’re ‘known for’. Once we saved a factory 1.5 mil. by simply pointing at a blueprint and saying: “There.” Go figure. And yeah – we did the Civil, Architectural, Process, Environmental, AV, etc. engineering. LOTS of cross-training . . . including wetland remediation, which we did – including the ‘accidental’ designing of a wetland INTO a project to take care of some effluent problems which were being generated upstream by an aircraft painting plant …. our storm water left our site cleaner than when it came onto it…without an apparent penny’s worth of extra cost (plus that same ‘mistake’ took care of another problem: parking lot flooding – by allowing the storm water to ‘soak in’ rather than run down along some concrete lined ditches . . . many birds – one stone.)

    Always willing to go and help someone with their professional design / construction / whatever problems – if for nothing else the interest. LOL! Heck, we’ve traveled on our own dime (can you say “Mobile AL” not so long ago?). But nowadays the wife insists on “them” paying for our meals, transportation (or miles, if we drive) and lodging. But the work? We don’t care. It’s all about the problem. Give us the right problem and we’d work for free (researching). But the wife likes to see us come home with a bucks, not bills when we’ve been out solving problems for someone else. We are trained in just about everything. Part of that Compulsive Learning thing. Got a stack of certificates, GPA 3.9/4.0, Deans list, all that good (and fairly meaningless) stuff. But hey; so what. Nothing anyone can’t do given time, money, and enough interest and curiosity to kill a passel of kitty-cats. (Satisfaction brought them back, by the way. Just so you know.)

    By the Way: original reason I came back was to say “E=MC(squared)”. Matter IS energy, dude . . . just ‘condensed’. (Gluons? or Gravitons?) – which is just another form of ‘wave’ – throw a little bit of string theory in there – or particle physics (or light for that matter – if you will excuse the pun, since light is both a wave AND a ‘particle’ (photons)) – and things get screwy. Or theoretical, in other words . . .
    In a sense all matter is made up outta waves . . . energy waves . . . wondering if it’s like ‘wave interference’ – when two waves ‘crest’ – a bit of ‘matter’ is made right then . . . just a theory ….

    Here’s “light” for you from http://library.thinkquest.org/27356/p_index.htm
    “In terms of the modern quantum theory, electromagnetic radiation consists of particles called photons, which are packets (“quanta”) of energy which move at the speed of light. In this particle view of light, the brightness of the light is the number of photons, the color of the light is the energy contained in each photon, and four numbers (X, Y, Z and T) are the polarization.”
    “Which interpretation is correct? Both of them, actually. It turns out electromagnetic radiation can have both wave-like and particle-like properties as demonstrated in experiments such as the dual slit experiment. In this exploration of light, we will primarily take the wave viewpoint as it is a more useful description of the everyday properties of light, but keep in mind that both viewpoints are valid, and sometimes we will use the quantum viewpoint too…..”

    “Where did light and matter come from?” See http://www.alchemylab.com/First_Cause.htm
    It’s just someone’s theory – I’m gonna have to read up on it …. but haven’t forgotten your original challenge: Define the SOUL.

    Something to think about right there – if there IS one – and take a look at …. Love problem solving …. speaking of which … we’re working on an engineering one right now . . . gotta get a low-volt lighting system installed…using minimum amount of bucks …. 1200W of pure power (plus some)! in the 12VDC variety …. gonna break it down to 1.5 and 3V …. for use with some cheap old flea market flashlights (using LED) – that cost $1 in the day …. can you believe they want $12 and up for a low-volt outdoor lighting receptacle and bulb??? LOL, build my own outdoor “uplighting” and landscape lighting . . . all while saving a buck and using our brains . . .
    After all…
    Nothing else to do.


  5. Michael says:

    If I give an honest answer to “So what do you do.” The answer is “What do you want done.” I am getting better with the commerce thing. I can wait until a problem comes up to solve where I can make money.

    Thinking of a soaking tank to deal with the not being able to swim. 6′ deep by 6.5′ around is what I need. There is more bullshit around hot tubs than anything else I have ever dealt with as far as engineering goes. It is pretty straight forward.

    Why no one does not make a precast hot tub I will never know. I need work in the winter not the summer or I would set it up.

    Storm water is fun. The classic thing we do is keep the Gal/min the same off each site. Oh about that there is more water that is a down stream issue. We get away with that all the time. No one even things of it and then wonders why there is flooding. Vt just flooded and they lost a lot of covered bridges must have been a real bad storm. No you idiots you paved the world up stream.

    I tell my clients now. I may discover that you have a problem with your property. That means I have a problem to solve not that I have a problem.

    i do have issues with staying directed as I am easily fascinated and easily bored I am getting the hang of it., I do much less research than I used to. It is more focused. Kinda I can do research and get paid if I stay calm.

    The not staying with being wrong is rare.


  6. jeffssong says:

    Your pool problem interests me. We have seen large plastic water reservoirs sold at Tractor Supply Warehouse and other farm outlets which would meet your dimensional requirements. Might have to enlarge the hatch. Would NOT cut off the top as that may make the sides unstable; depends upon wall thickness. Regardless, need something to stand tension stresses across the top as it fills up. See http://www.tractorsupply.com/water-storage-tank-550-gal–2126933 for an example. There are also legged tanks, white polyethylene, but I think round would suit your purposes. They do not give dimensional data on that page, but you get the idea.

    We have long had the longing to buy a huge stainless steel tank, used – about 10-30K gal – cut it diagonally stem to stern (wedge shaped) and then burying the half-shell in the ground to make a stainless steel bottomed swimming pool. We bought a number of them for various tank farms and they really were quite reasonable – 5-10K – plus you get “2” swimming pools for the buck. 20-30 ft. long, 15-20 ft. wide – and a wedge shape means “shallow end” (for the kids) to deep. Would have to watch, though, as high ground water can mean it pops out of its cradle (kinda like some of those swimming pools in FL do if you don’t keep the water pumped out from UNDERNEATH it – crazy but true). However, for your budget we think a plastic premade tank would be the best start.

    The “jets” I think would be disturbing due to noise – they are good for back ‘massages’ – but that’s about it. This is just us thinking and pondering, but we’re wondering if what you are looking for is a recreation of the immersion. Silence, darkness, weightlessness, floating … perhaps a ‘redo’ or ‘re-experience’ or replaying. We don’t know. Just sorta sounds like that. If unknown, perhaps you can seek an outlet for SD tank immersion – there are now businesses that offer a few hours in a tank (for relaxation) in some of the more progressive areas. I understand it ain’t cheap, but it would be worth the cost to see if this is truly what you are seeking, and to see if just immersion is enough – or do you need the physical exertion (drain) in order to reach that relaxed state. (If so perhaps some pre-exercise would do.) Just a notion. LOL. As you can tell, we are a compulsive problem solver.

    We’re gonna blog on it sooner or later, Michael, but we were basically trained for Armageddon – to try to survive and then ‘lead’ (push, or follow) folks back into either a) resistance, and b) survival and growth towards a new civilization. Pushed and taught to do everything. “If you want it, build it. If you don’t know how – you’d better learn!” – with some very extreme threats and horrible behavior underscoring the issue. LO nervous L’s, lately we’ve found something we noticed in PR: Mikie is scared shitless of losing stuff. Literally panics BAD – which explains why WE get SO friggin’ ENRAGED (<-see? just the thought of it) – when we can't find something we know we had. Go figure. We are almost having a stupid panic attack (he is, anyway) with just this fear. LOL, can you say "therapy time", buddy? We should.

    Yeah, paving. WE got flooded 15 times in 5 years after they built new homes all over our watershed (we have a creek and ponds). Gobs of damage. Looked at the prints. The engineers never even considered OUR property – the plans ended at the road. THEY said "100 year floods". We pointed out that meant we were 1550 years old, had lived here for 20 years, they were full of shit, and proved it. We got them to change the plans, but ruined a decorative garden area with pond and fountain, and killed the goldfish I'd raised from 1 inch feeders to pan frying size fish. City council said "Yeah, it might be our fault . . . but we aren't going to do anything about it." So we've taken remedial measures. Haven't had a flood in the past 2 years (knock on wood). Our yard is a wildlife habitat with various ponds, 300 ft. long brush pile, etc. ad infinitum and is ENGINEERED – windbreaks on NW for house (and to protect cars during hailstorms); trees that shade all summer (beautiful blooms in spring) – and drop every single leaf on first frost (raking is no longer a chore). Vine walls for a steel walled shed (to keep it cool). And backhoed the yard to correct drainage problems. LOL! Could use a baby backhoe and a HUGE track hoe for some stuff. Yeah, we not only can run 'em, we can fix 'em – worked for CASE back in the day as a top shelf mech. Yeah, we've only changed careers about a dozen times . . . one of those "DID" problems – everyone wants to be something, but no one can do it alone. LOL!

    anyway – gotta run – been fun – got more projects on the board (256? the wife says about 300). Just glad that I ain't gotta work for a livin' anymore, the house is paid for (we did good, didn't we guys!), and we can pretty much do what we want to do if it don't cost too much. Plus got a 1800 sf shop that has to be explored to be believed – our son calls it his "lowes", but its an autoshop/woodshop/tinker's paradise as well. "Whut chu' want?" is our typical question when someone asks what's in there. LOL.

    Have fun. Think about the tank. See if you can find one of those places that offer SD experiences – they may help you figure out if just immersion will do the trick. If not …. well, there are other solutions. Good luck, keep us posted. Would like to see you come through winter going "oh well, that's not so bad." We'll see.


  7. Michael says:

    You are not hearing me. Building the tank is easy for me. I used to spend 1/4 mil an month on construction. If you can describe and afford it than I can build it.

    I have a friend with such a shop. I do not ask him if he has it I ask him how many he has. Great fun going over there and making stuff. Inventions we call them.

    Tanks are way to shallow. Water has to be up to your neck while supported or you might as well take a bath.

    Likely will go with masonry if I end up building one. Best materiel for holding large amounts of water.

    I have a meeting on a excavation job at the end of the day. I can pay for the tank with three days work. It is a two week job if you do not know how to schedule. That is why I may get the job. I will start next Wed and will be done by Monday Like to have those two days of week-end in case it does not go as planned. Doing the work is easy. The skill is in structuring the payment.


  8. jeffssong says:

    This is what we heard (or read, rather): “6′ deep by 6.5′ around is what I need.”

    Those Prefab tanks come in that size and bigger – and they are CHEAP (especially used – check local farm auctions, farm supply, industrial supply, and industrial scrap metal yards – VERY cheap for a big tank there!). And – Agreed: hydraulic masonry can work (though it is FAR from seamless and prone to cracking and weeping under hydrostatic pressure – something those tanks won’t do), but you MUST use the right cement and sealers (as you well know!), rebar (which may or may not required welded joints), wire every few courses, a footing (to prevent shifting and cracking) – which in your area needs to be at least 18″-24″ to prevent frost heaving – foundation (perhaps – are you going to line this ‘pool’?), a bond beam, etc . . . lots of work and material. We’re just being realistic, figuring a) your time is worth money and could probably be better spent doing something besides pouring cement and laying block (tho’ we got a cement mixer you could use! LOL, just kidding – a long way to go for a 1.5 yard mixer), and b) you want this QUICK – before the pond gets too cold or weather too bad. But then again (shrug) – working for you may be therapeutic. I know for us it would be difficult (Fibromyalgia (a mis-diagnosis IMO), degenerative disc ‘disease’, spinal arthritis, neuralgia, and lots and lots of connective tissue damage under and around the right shoulder blade). LOL, can’t hump block like we used to do – nor lift those 80# bags of cement so effortlessly. And you could take one of those plastic tanks (since you have access to an excavator – even if its a “Manuel” one, e.g. foot ‘n shovel) – and sink it a bit or reinforce the sides (there’s a use for your concrete) – and cut the top off with a sawz-all. Presto: instant tank and pool. Just an idea.

    But we heard what you said: “6′ deep by 6.5′ around is what I need.” then “Tanks are way to shallow. Water has to be up to your neck while supported or you might as well take a bath.”

    Dude. We did a QUICK search (“used tank 10000 gal”) and 1st one up was a tank 13′6 Diameter x 11′ tall, $6000 USD (http://www.tankhog.com/featureditems/) Unless you are 12′ tall, I don’t think you’d be standing in that one with your head sticking out. And they DO get a LOT cheaper if you can run a side grinder and weld some patches, or work fiberglass. You can get a ‘damaged’ tank – get a 13 footer with a damaged top, cut the top off and call IT a pool. It’s all simple economics, after all: Used Tanks Market = High supply / low demand = low value per tank – which used (and damaged) tanks are. Scrapyards can’t wait to get rid of them.

    “I used to spend 1/4 mil an month on construction. If you can describe and afford it than I can build it. ” Good! Great! However – was that YOUR 1/4 mil or someone else’s? Got a quarter mil on hand right NOW to build this pool of yours? If so: Great! If not – well, we’re a poor man here. And we’re just looking at time (money) and materials (more money) here. But do as you wish (of course!) – and have fun doing it. We just want to see you have a good winter – or at least one that isn’t half bad. After all – you deserve it. But either way – DYI or buy – we’d like to see you get something you’d like to have . . .


  9. Michael says:

    1/4 MIL was someone else. 1/4 mil of my own took a year. You would not use hydraulic cement as it expands.

    I will be heating this water so I need to minimize. For $6000 I can build swim tank.

    Maybe I will just cut a hole in the ice and learn to scuba dive. Naw that would be to expensive all that air and stuff.

    I found this link so the components other than the tank is taken care of assuming I want to go with jets. Wood heater is a snap and would be fun to build and give me something to watch in the winter. Make sure it is hot. To many options.

    If I don’t start to do some work for money pretty soon I will be spending all my time foraging for food. Smile.


  10. jeffssong says:

    🙂 Cold weather is on the way I think – looks like a short fall, long winter year maybe. LOL, you could use the ol’ ‘air compressor & hose’ deal out on the ice for polar swimming – but … Brrrrrrrr!!! LOL! We learned how cold cold can be at a Science Exhibit this weekend – they had a tank (28F) to illustrate how cold the water was that the Titanic victims got dunked in – put your hand in and they would time it to see how you fared. The average person can take about 26 seconds (according to the guide) before the pain makes them withdraw their hand. After 3 minutes the guide advised us we should remove our hand from the water (plus there were other exhibits to see!! Happy fun joy for all of us). LOL, good thing we are DID: we couldn’t have done the 3 minutes without it. Just “shut the hand off” and let it … chill, LOL! Was cool, if you excuse the pitiful pun there.

    Wood heater – we’ve done those, using check valves and a couple old car radiators (for heating my shop in the old days) – made a “self-pumping” system (non-pressurized) which used a copper coil in the ‘fireplace’ to flash water to steam; check valves to ‘direct flow’ – worked surprisingly well! And you know wood heat: warms you up 2X – 1st to cut, 2nd to burn.

    Love the foraging thing – our mom used to tell us “go ahead! BE an artist! And you will have to starve to survive. Hope you like eating pine cones!” (which, BTW, do have edible seeds – just very piny tasting! Too bad I’m not a squirrel!) But yeah – you need to get some bucks. Ramen noodles … LOL, saw a recipe book for them: “100 Ramen Recipes”. Ooo, yummm…. LOL! Rat soup….

    Well, you have fun – loved that with the birds and lake. Can you sleep/snooze on water? We’ve done that during long swims; that and the old “survival float”. Great for relaxing – love it, actually. We’ve done the “swim and popup” thing among geese and ducks around here – swim under them and then slowly ease up next to them (vs. grabbing their legs and inviting them home for dinner). We are excellent stalkers when we want to be, LOL!!! (Don’t know how many times we have startled someone by showing up ‘behind’ them – silently – and without meaning to!) Survival skills are honed; fine, and fun to have. We like eating them (ducks and things) too. But not too much. Rather have them as pets or something to look at.

    Until later.
    Mikie and friends


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