A Doctor’s Betrayal – and Blackmail

Here’s the dilemma and I HATE this.  Today is my regularly scheduled doctor’s appointment.  This is the doctor who’s office sent the FAX which had me and us involuntarily committed.  He denies having sent the fax or having me committed – denies the handwriting in my records – and yet, today, we are going to SHOVE that bit of evidence (a copy of his own fax) in front of his eyes and ask: “WTF is THIS, Doc?”

I’ve been seeing this doctor for over 25 years.  We have been good friends.  But now . . .

Who’s to say he won’t have me committed AGAIN . . . just for pissing him off?  Or to keep us from filing a lawsuit?  I can’t go – and yet if I don’t – he might have me committed for failing to keep my appointment (he is a General Practitioner, NOT a mental health professional or counselor).  He can have me committed on a whim.  Or as a threat to “keep my business” – so we have to keep paying him – in order to avoid getting committed . . .

No matter what we do, he and “the system” has us over a barrel.  If we do go and say anything – he can put a stop to us simply by sending a fax to the cops.  If we don’t go – same thing.  If we piss him off – ditto.  If we present a threat (lawsuit) – ditto again.

It’s a ripoff, blackmail, unethical . . . and yet we are going.

We think (we this time being me, myselves, and I – PLUS our wife) that the doctor’s WIFE is the one who forged a fax – represented herself or impersonated herself as “my wife”  in order to have a ‘family member’ saying I needed committed – and forged his signature (perhaps) – etc ad infinitum.  Reasons for a lawsuit in my unprofessional opinion . . .

However, if he KNOWS or suspects we know this about him – what’s to keep him from having us committed again just to protect himself, his practice, his livelihood, and his wife??  Who’s to say he can’t?  We don’t know . . .because we’ve learned . . .

any doctor can do this: have you restrained and put in a mental health facility simply because . . . they feel like it.  Want to.  Or just to shut you the F up.

The fact is: this doc and/or his wife betrayed me, my family, relationships, my own healing process – a whole lot of other things.  He damaged so many things beyond repair . . . friendships, family . . . me . . . myselves . . . and others.  (There are a few parts of me that want to hurt him for this – hurt him BAD – but we realize: the best way to hurt him is to take him down – knock him off the radar – ruin his business, and ‘raping’ his wife in court – taking them for everything they’ve got – getting his license pulled – ruining him.  Simply ruining him . . . and even then we’re gonna be bitter and sad and angry about the whole F’ing thing . . .

After all, he’s ruined so much for me.  Either him or his wife did.

My mom won’t talk to me – not really.  My dad hasn’t called in about two weeks (not even for my birthday).  My brother and I just fight fight fight (even when he called to wish me a happy birthday it dissolved into a big ol’ fight).  My daughter says she can’t trust anyone- OR the system – anymore.  My long time friends stay away.  Even those who recognize that what was done was unfair, unjust, and uncalled for  . . . are so troubled they don’t like seeing me (it reminds them of our situation), much less talking about it …

The worst part is my wife is crying again.

She says she doesn’t know why she suddenly gets so sad.  She’s never had this problem before – a staunch, willful woman – strong, independant . . .

and now she cries.  She’s had this ever since I got “incarcerated” by the mental health system . . .

Do you know that the mental health system can basically kidnap you or your spouse – and once “in” – you have NO rights at all??

My wife found that out the hard way when she tried to find out where I was, HOW I was, and what was happening to and with me.  They simply refused to tell her.

“Privacy issues,” they said, denying her even the simplest information – and then basically telling her to get lost – that “no, you cannot speak to your husband”, and “no, we cannot tell you where he is” and “no, we will not tell you how he is doing” and then transporting me to another hospital without telling her – and then “losing” me (in her eyes) so that it seemed I had disappeared and no one knew where I was going (I was being transported in the back of a hot, unventilated, unairconditioned cop car with rap music BLARING in my ears across the South in July’s summertime heat – here in the SOUTH, and in Georgia . . . I arrived sick from the heat due to these officer’s incompetence and bullshit – so weak (from being malnourished, dehydrated, and starved) – and the heat – that they had to help me out of the car and into the building . . . where I was starved again for another sixteen hours . . . great way to treat a PATIENT, don’t you think?

Because when you are a mental health PATIENT you are NOT a patient at all.

You are a prisoner, and they keep you there and treat you BAD.

The food was . . . bad.  The staff: overworked, angry, abusive all the way . . .
The doctors – what doctors?!!  No one treated me for ANYTHING, not one bit.  Not for the PTSD, nor the supposed ‘paranoia’ that I was suffering from . . .

and now I gotta go see the doctor again – the one who put me there.  Not for mental health issues you understand – I NEVER went to him for mental health issues (seeing as we basically are done with those – have been ‘done’ for years) – but because if I don’t go (so he can get paid) – he can turn me in (or his wife will).  And if I DO go – I’d better keep my mouth shut . . . so he won’t ‘turn me in’.

But to be honest, I don’t give a damn.  I’m gonna shove that fax in front of his face and ask him:

“What the F&$!!??”

And I expect he’s gonna lie.
and then, perhaps . . . I’m gonna find myself involentarily committed to a mental hospital again . . .

all for pissing him off and presenting some kind of threat . . .
a legal one.


About jeffssong

JW is an adult childhood abuse survivor with DID*. He grew up in a violent family devoid of love and affection. He is a military brat and veteran. He no longer struggles with that past. In 1976 JW began writing "The Boy". It took 34 years to complete. It is currently on Kindle (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004T3IVKK ), or if you prefer hard copy, on Amazon ( http://www.amazon.com/Boy-J-W/dp/1461022681). JW resides somewhere in the deep South. He is disabled and living with family. Note: Please feel free to take what you need; all is free to all. With that in mind, keep it that way to others. Thank you. We have 3 Blogs - One for our younger days, 0-10 (The Little Shop of Horrors); one for our Teen Alter and his 'friends' (also alters) with a lot of poetry; and finally "my" own, the Song of Life (current events and things)
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4 Responses to A Doctor’s Betrayal – and Blackmail

  1. william wallace says:

    In not coming to terms with events in ones life
    you have ceazed an development in emotions
    in feeling in spiritual development /etc /etc / etc.

    Your but living in an time warp regurgitating the
    same pain / undealt with feelings,emotions, etc.

    It does not matter whom you come in contact with
    be that doctor / health workers / police / etc etc …

    All coming to to your aid will suffer because that is
    the state of your mind mistrust / fear / etc etc ……

    Try not to be hard on peole be doctor or family …

    I can inform of a path if taking / you’ll find peace
    as start to continue your development ( because
    your having ceazed development ) due your past
    circumstances. / Your realy very much still a child
    in your growing / having poor development in your
    development of the brain / thus still much the child.

    However back to the cure /// the cure is meditation
    in turning the senses inward / thus unfolding your
    spiritual self / via very practical spiritual experience
    the effect of this is to wipe clean the ill felling / such
    lingering in past / your focus brought to the present.

    In saying such your cure I mean your the cure 100%.
    Thus I am not just giving empty words / the words be
    to guide / to start living ( lifes joys) so long in missing.

    On PC search put (words of peace) on the site you’ll
    find a large selection of videos in which Prem Rawat
    talks / explaining of meditation. One turn the senses
    inward in bringing very practical spiritual experience
    not of ideas / not of beliefs / not of a heaven beyond
    the clouds // but of very practical spiritual experience
    that gives a clarity of understanding in knowing truth
    where purpose of life the aim of creation being clear.

    Prem Rawat having dedicated his life in the teaching
    of meditation // his compassion understanding knows
    no bounds // he has brought peace to millions / whom
    were in living their lives in dire stress /untold suffering.

    Thus as a spritual teacher / he an teacher of teachers
    you could not have better a spiritual teacher / than he.

    An spiritual teacher vital in guideing towards meditation
    one’s focus totally on the material one need in bringing
    one’s focus upon the spiritual self // knowing true peace.

    I can only pray in my heart of hearts FREEDOM comes
    to your soul / your path towards spiritual enlightenment.


  2. jeffssong says:

    The issues of and from our childhood no longer give us shame; though there is some sadness that some of the things happened. However, we recognize in Fate or Karma that these things had a purpose and we have gained an understanding in some things which we would not otherwise have. We would urge you to take and look at http://wp.me/p1t0dv-mC (Death and Rebirth). We have experienced Transcendence. We know what it feels like to let go of EVERYTHING … including all light and sense of thought; even the concept of “I” – and yes: we have experienced the Infinite inside as well. It still exists within us; that thing. And yes: It takes meditation to ‘get there’ – shutting off the individual souls, all thought, knowledge – everything. And then get up – and live in the moment, the “NOW” – very beautiful…

    But the fact remains that life is also about learning, and learning those lessons which must be learned. We do not do these things from malice nor fear – indeed, if we feared the man we would do nothing. However, our doctor broke several rules regarding patient – doctor trust and ethics; and someone in his office may have broken a number of laws. If people are allowed to harm others with impunity, they will continue to harm others. This person is used to no one questioning them when they do things like this. They think their behavior is ethical and will harm others in the future if no one stands up to them. I’m going to stand up to them because I care. I don’t want them hurting others as they have hurt me and my family – and if it hurts me to help others, then so be it. We will do it because that is what we do. Help others as well as helping ourselves sometimes.

    We WILL check Prem Rawat’s talks / explaining of meditation, since we are always interested in learning more and more about ourselves and the universe. However, once again, I urge you to read http://wp.me/p1t0dv-mC and understand: we felt this not for hours, but for days – a week almost – and “it” still exists inside . . . and we thank you for your advice. It is always good to learn from a great teacher.


  3. Noel says:

    This is a terrible story. I come from the other side of stories similar to yours. What I mean is that I have filed involuntary admissions on clients here in Florida (Baker Act). But never thought how detrimental it can be with some people like yourself. I am sorry you have gone through such a horrible experience. I don’t like to Baker Act people, but many times it seems like there is no other way to ensure safety. But in your case, it seems that you were oriented and not a danger to yourself or others. Don’t know what exactly happened in your case, but it really makes anyone lose faith in the system. I wish I could give you some advice, except that you continue to do what you know is right, take medication, and try to see the doctor. Maybe changing doctors? As a patient, you should have the right for a grievance, I think. Anyway I hope it doesn’t happen again.


  4. jeffssong says:

    Hi Noel!
    Actually, we aren’t going to file a grievance. We’re gonna sue if at all possible – and there appear to be a lot of irregularities about ‘my case’ – such as the doctor admitting that the initial diagnosis was done by either a secretary or other “non-MD” person – and then more irregularities involving procedure (by the doctor, his office, and law enforcement) – plus at least FOUR of the shrinks I saw while incarcerated stated that “no, there is no obvious reason to keep you” – coupled with the damage to myselves (they really screwed us up in some ways); total lack of any treatment (for PTSD, psychotic disorder, paranoia or otherwise); us losing weight in the hospitals due to what amounts to incompetence and overly strict observation of procedure (“we can’t feed you because you aren’t on the ‘list’.”) – even though we were obviously underweight – cops transporting me in an unventilated back of a car in the July heat for four or five hours (until we were suffering from heat exhaustion) . . . the list just goes on and on. The brutality of how mental health patients are treated is astounding, inhumane, and cruel. The differences between treatment and rights for ‘physical health issue’ patients and ‘mental health issue’ patients is like the difference between modern medical treatment and the medical treatments for the dark ages. It is extremely screwed up, and only about 15% of the people I met while in the wards actually needed to be there – the rest were fairly ‘normal’ folks who’d said something stupid during an emotional outburst (Like “I’m so mad I could kill someone …”) – and the actual expectations IN the loony bin are inhuman! (See: http://wp.me/p1t0dv-l6 to get some idea of how insane they are – and I’m talking about ‘the system’, not the patients here!)

    To say that this has been upsetting … LOL. Yes. We get very angry about it. But on the other hand (one of the advantages of DID) – we are perfectly fine and happy with it, cruising on while ‘another’ part of us worries and wrangles on it like an old bulldog with blunt teeth – slowly ‘shredding’ this issue apart and putting together a legal case . . .

    I just wish we could change the SYSTEM, though – for it is surely a screwed up thing. The mental health system – it’s just WRONG. People would never put up with the crap that the mental health system does if it worked the same way for physical health issues – no ‘refusing medical treatment’ (it is forced down your throat), no “I’m leaving” (you will be confined, forcefully if necessary, and if you still resist, drugged and ‘put down’), no rights to calls – and your relatives have no rights as well once you enter the system – they (my wife) were denied any information, including where we were and what our condition was – a far cry from a car wreck victim, for instance…..

    Makes me sick. I think more people ought to be institutionalized – just so they can realize what is happening – especially the ones running the institutions. Let them be ripped from their family and held in isolation against their will . . . maybe then they might get a clue . . .
    But then again: probably not
    They’d just sue someone.
    Like I’m gonna do. 😉


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