What We’ve Been Thinking About . . .

(Just to give you some idea of what we are thinking about . . . when we aren’t thinking about anything in particular . . . part of a disease we call associative learning with too much to learn behind it . . . which again is part of our occupational disease: learning, Period.  Gives rise to too many thoughts . . . )

Theory: Quantum Physics: Particle existence in multiple locations – Experiments have shown throw a photon trap that a photo can exist in two places at the same time.

Explanation: A photon is traveling (in a vacuum) at the speed of light. According to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, any object traveling at the speed of light will have only two dimensions: width and height. Imagine an infinite plane traveling through outer space at the speed of light. Therefore the ‘photon’ (a particle) has become a wave expanding outwards in all directions (which tends to support the theory of a ‘curved’ universe vs. a ‘flat’ one – though, as you will see, that ‘flatness’ isn’t in the three dimensions we know, but exists instead in terms of dimensional travel.

A photon trap basically consists of two slits in a box – the light coming ‘in’ is ‘trapped’ where it strikes on the inside wall opposite the slits.  If a ‘particle’ is coming in, it’s either going to go into the left hand slit, or the right hand slit. However, if a wave is coming in, it will strike both slots at the same time – our time. If it does NOT strike both slots at the same time, two different photon ‘particles’ will be created due to the difference in time. For it is only when we ‘measure’ it that it becomes a particle – the rest of the time (in our point of view) it is a ‘wave’ moving through time. Again, the ‘observer’ (existing in time) makes the difference. Is it a wave or is it a particle? The answer is: it’s a little bit of both.

Time does not ‘exist’ for this object since (according to Einstein’s theory, and which has been proven since then) – it stands still. To the ‘photon’, it still looks like its a particle. To anyone standing outside of time, it looks like a wave moving through the ‘ether’ there. However, if you pick any point in time, it becomes a particle. Therefore, we get the creation of matter, giving rise to the theory that matter requires time – otherwise everything that is ‘in motion’ is just a wave – infinitely high and infinitely long.

Which brings us to another thing, and this is in support of this theory of mine. When light slows down – for it definitely slows down as it travels through a medium – glass, for instance, and even air – it is ‘experiencing time’. It is no longer moving at 186,000 mps; it is moving somewhat slower relative to our time (local time is what I’m going to call it for slow moving beings like us – however, bear in mind in the equations that we are moving somewhat rapidly, ‘rapidly’ being a subjective notion in our limited kinds of mind – the earth’s rotation and its rotation around the sun; the sun’s rotation in the pinwheel galaxy; the local cluster’s movements, and our ‘cluster’s’ movement through the universe itself . . . these all add differences in ‘time’. Where that ‘godspeed’particle slows down – intersects with time – is where we live. It’s where all matter lives. However, as you have seen – ‘we’ are all moving as ‘waves’ of a kind – given that all particles are some type of ‘wave’ moving through time.

So there you go: you are not only a group of “particles” – you are a ‘wave’ – moving through time. Some type of energy that’s gotten ‘trapped’ here, perhaps – who knows? These physics aren’t all mine – I’m building on what ‘they’ve’ told me to do – just like I was trained to do – putting one and one together . . . and coming up with ‘me and thee and the great beyond out there’. LOL.

Now, lets go back to the “universe is flat” kind of thing. Assuming the universe exists in three dimensions – four if you want to count going through time – there’s got to be ‘other’ waves out there – they are just ‘slowing down’ and creating ‘particles’ – since all particles which are created are (by far!) – not just photons. There’s got to be ‘something else’ – which could lead us on that endless goose chase (I heard they ‘found’ the Higgs-Boson – or ‘god’ particle – but now . . . quick: what’s it made of – a ‘wave’ of course – of some kind – traveling through ‘outer space’ – or time, actually, for in the moment they ‘captured it’ and ‘suspended it’ in time long enough to know it’s there1 they have changed it from one thing into another – from a wave into a particle. ‘Measuring’ makes it so. And the more you try to ‘measure’ the thing, the harder it’s going to be – because it’s not just a particle – it’s a wave, and it’s changing through time – generating an infinite number of copies of itself as it passes through time – each time an ‘observer’ gets a glimpse of it. And here’s the ‘thing’. It doesn’t have to be a sentient observer – it could just be a piece of rock. But its gotta exist for the other thing to exist – because they are both traveling at the ‘speed of time’.

However, here’s the thing. Say you got this ‘wave’; this ‘particle’ that’s traveling through time. What else is it traveling through? In a very real sense a particle is a bit of nothing – it is an infinitely small essence of what you would call a dot in time. A dot moving along at the speed of light – creating a ‘trail’ (perhaps – this is just a theory of mine, mind you!) – of infinite ‘dots’ (meaning particles) in the ‘stream of time’ – but what is this particle (or wave) moving through? And who’s to say it doesn’t exist in some other dimensions – not as a dot, but as a (growing?) wave? That it’s not creating particles elsewhere, somewhere down the line.

So what if time itself is a wave? That would make us the products of the intersection of at least two, if not more waves. “We” might just be riding on the surface of this bubble – who is to say what lays beneath – or beyond our perceptions (for we cannot ‘see’ beyond the edge of our ‘wave of time’ – we can merely guess what is going on; what is going to happen next and so on). According to what we wrote above, there should be this ‘stream’ of constant matter going back through time – ‘into’ the wave and ‘bubble’ of time (and, perhaps, mankind, since we may have been the first to perceive this ‘thing’ – this ‘traveling back and forth’ in time – in our minds . . . gently leading us into another subject entirely.)

Who is to say we don’t ‘exist’ somehow in some different way and/or time? Science can’t – indeed, it’s given us the Explanation for us being here (particles and waves, quantum theory and all of that sort of ‘nonsense’ – except that it can make some sense at all, if you are paying attention to that sort of thing. Science and religion coming together.

Now then there’s this thing: what are ‘we’ expanding into – and where did we come from? What happened to ‘bring’ us to this place and (quite literally), ‘point’ in time? Scientists have begun deciphering the beginnings of the universe – and looking for the end – meantime working on a whole lot of other things concerning the movement of small particles (and waves) through the ‘ether’ of time (creating a whole lot of particles along the way – we know, we’ve been ‘measuring them and will probably continue to do so until the ‘end of time’ . . . whenever that is, for it surely looks like that event just might come along.

For in this we come to the subject of dark matter and its fellow companion (and by far the much more numerous) – dark energy.

Let’s suppose the universe is (or was) created by this ‘explosion’ in time – this intersection of ‘waves’ coming into contact with it as it expanded outwards. (Or did the waves come from within it? Again: according to Einstein’s theory, those waves could be infinitely large in any of two directions . . . perhaps it was time which gave them the ‘third’?)

At any rate, you’ve got this ‘expansion’ (or bubble) of time – a wave traveling in all directions and expressing itself as ‘particles’ – at least on its leading edge – which sorta explains this expanding universe we are in. Time expanding outwards in all directions. However, this is where something interesting begins to happen. For ‘inside’ the wave, the ‘bubble’ we live in (or ‘on’; we maybe are just being expressed as a system or series of particles over a given time) – ‘gaps’ are forming (perhaps). This gives rise to dark energy and ‘things’. Glitches are bound to happen in any system bounded by the unboundless – it’s going to keep expanding outward and outward . . . until something begins to happen.

There is a point where quantum particles are no longer reacting with one another – forming ‘us’, by the way. What happens to these particles? What becomes of them? They aren’t ‘disappearing’ into time – ‘they’ are still riding along with ‘us’ on this edge of time – but they’ve become something else. What ‘else’ could they be? And what is that between them?

I postulate that ‘that’ might be ‘the infinite’ – or the boundless ‘divide’ between what is ‘real’ – and what could come to be. I’m not saying that ‘space’ is empty – for it is not – it probably is full of some kind of energy ‘waves’ moving in all directions – some of them, having intersected with our ‘time bubble’ went on to make particles – motionless particles when one is standing ‘motionless’ in time, or on the leading edge, as we are. They are simply perceived as moving because we are moving through time with them. But they are waves in the sense of every other direction – and dimension – including being ‘seen’ as a wave ‘moving through’ the ‘bubble’ of time.

So what of it? What does it all mean?

It means there’s bound to be a lot more out there than what we possibly can know, but we can know a little bit – the universe moving on, us along with it – riding this ‘wave’, this ‘bubble’ of time – leaving a lot of ‘alternate’ selves ‘behind’ us (perhaps) in the ‘bubble of time’ – and/or alternate universes, when you give into the idea of this idea is replicating itself everywhere – everywhere you look, and endless list of possibilities, formed by our former selves. Do they go on in ‘another dimension’ to do something else with their time? Could there be ‘concentric rings’ and ‘bubbles of time’ forming ‘behind us’ – if indeed we are riding on the ‘leading edge’ of time? It could be there are other ‘rings’ or waves ahead of us as well as behind – we could be in a series of nested waves – like a rock thrown into an ocean that is infinitely wide, the ‘rings’ and the ‘waves’ just keep moving along – this ‘particle’ (perhaps) that we call “Time”.

And who is to say that time does not split off into many directions – for you and me and each and every particle in this here old universe? Each one creating a small ‘universe of its own’ – giving rise to even more ‘god particles’ in some separate bubble of time – or even our own?

Which brings us back around to our original explanation about those two photons – one behaving one way in ‘this instant’ – and another further on (even if it is only in the sense of movement and distance) . . . two different photons – but they are the same one – just measured a different ‘distance’ apart during the passage of time – particle are ‘recorded’ at the intersection of those two waves – the photon’s, and time’s. Whose to say which direction the photon (the wave) was actually moving when it ‘hit’ our time2? What we see as the particle moving is just its intersection with our time bubble – somewhere else it might be moving in another direction. Same particle; two directions of movement. Could be confusing until you realize it’s just the universe we live in. It is moving – and we are, too, along with it – expanding ‘space’ forming within it all this time.



The expansion of space is in reference to internal dimensions only; that is, the description involves no structures such as extra dimensions or an exterior universe.[6] i

Even if the overall spatial extent is infinite we still say that space is expanding because, locally, the characteristic distance between objects is increasing. ii

The no-hair theorem postulates that all black hole solutions of the Einstein-Maxwell equations of gravitation and electromagnetism in general relativity can be completely characterized by only three externally observable classical parameters: mass, electric charge, and angular momentum. All other information (for which “hair” is a metaphor) about the matter which formed a black hole or is falling into it, “disappears” behind the black-hole event horizon and is therefore permanently inaccessible to external observers.iii

There is an edge to what we are able to see and could ever possibly see in the universe iv

http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/space/how-big-universe.html – A good basic explaination for support of an inflationary, ‘flat’ universal model

“The last couple of years have seen a remarkable convergence of evidence, all suggesting that we live in a universe with a few percent of the normal matter of our everyday experience, maybe 25% of something called “dark matter,” which is a name given to hide our ignorance of what it is, and 75% of this energy that wants to push space apart—call it “dark energy.” If true, then relatively recently in the history of the universe the “dark energy” has become dominant over “dark matter.” “

4th Generation Star:


1(for, after all, we are limited by our very material nature to remaining beneath the speed of light – including the tools we use)

2*It could have been coming from ‘somewhere else’ – either in time (thinking of the stars in the universe: we are measuring ‘time’ in them – and by them – in terms of millions – nay, billions even! – of years. 14.4 to ‘be exact’, though there’s nothing exact in the theories and science behind this. This is just me putting one and one together . . . and coming up with a logical ten.



(at this time we became tired; we’ve been watching TV, thinking about a couple postings we want to do on DID, hosting a visit by our daughter (she’s baking Christmas cookies – yum!), taking care of life and other things.  Yes . . . we stay busy 🙂  But the “Scientists” and Religious Politicians are working on ‘this’ (the above) as part of . . . something else; tying the two together into a coherent combination and logical ‘whole’ . . . just for kicks I reckon . . . or for something else)


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