Physics and The Unseen

I’ll try to be quite brief. I have to be. This is a HUGE subject, encompassing many sciences. I have a really strong scientific mind and some training.

The fact is: life evolved on this planet because it could have.  It could have happened anywhere – on a billion billion planets across this universe.  Ain’t we lucky.  It happened here.  But the fact is . . . life adapted to Earth, not the other way around.  We were just lucky, I reckon . . .

Anyway, if you’ve been keeping up on your sciences, most notably astrophysics, astronomy, ‘quantum’ physics – which is now blending in with the theories of dark matter/energy, the nature of the observable universe – and even more intriguingly, the possibility of alternate universes and unseen ‘stuff’ existing all around us all the time – and we just don’t know it.  We’re blind.

Scientists say we can only detect about 10% of the known universe with the finest instruments we have.  That’s the KNOWN universe, mind you!  The rest is invisible to us, our instruments, the best devices we have.  It’s all a big blank.  It’s not even a blur.  I’m sure we’ll up that percentage as time goes along . . . but think of it!  We can’t see 90% of what’s we KNOW is missing.  Who knows how much we don’t know that we don’t know we’re missing?  LOL, the questions go on.  In us, around us, the air you breath – everything.  We are blind – blinder than most people realize.  That’s because most people, like the Romans, assume that because of what they know, they already know everything there is to know – until a new invention comes along and upsets the apple cart (and universe) for them.

So we have about 90% of the ‘known universe’ unaccounted for.  Who knows what’s there?  There may even be a (shhh!!! you’re not supposed to say this in science classes, but) . . . there may even be a “god” out there!   (Wry smile.)  Not that this proves ‘his’ case.  It’s just a theory.  And as a scientist, you can’t believe nor disbelieve until something is proven.  So saying “there is no god” is a theory, too.   Just saying, stating the fact, given you can’t see over 90% of what’s around you.

So we have to call religion a theory.  Maybe it’s true, but not in the way ‘they’ (the priests and the books they wrote) said.  They were just interpreting the data as best they could.  Who knows?  Like I said – I’m going on theory, and something I learned.  (Quite a few things, actually, but I’m not going to bore you to death at this time.)

The fact is, according “entanglement theory, everything you touch, consume or excrete is now linked to you.  Every cell in your brain – even the electrons and ions they touch, down to the last sub-atomic particle – all have become ‘entangled’ with each other – every cell in your body.  That neuron fires, sending a potassium ion towards another – and boom! – an entanglement is made.  This means with your every thought (even the ones you aren’t aware of making) – every heartbeat, every motion of your body (disturbing those air molecules; entangling with them as well) – is ‘connected’ or recorded on some quantum level.  And once entangled . . . well, read the theory.  Everything touches everything else – apparently in more ways than one, in some ways.

Now think about this.  The earth has been around for a long time.  The nitrogen that say, a dinosaur (or Julius Caesar, if you like that one) breathed out – one of those atoms may have interacted with one of your own.  The “dirt” you were made with – the photons from the sun – all of them are interacting with you all the time.  And then one day you’ll die – all of that will get dispersed again . . .

Who’s to say what’s going on in that other 90% of the universe we are all missing?  Are “we” part of some unseen ‘thing’?  Could it be that there is a crowd all waiting to “get into” the ‘material’ universe?  For the fact is: there’s a lot more of ‘not matter’ than is; could it be that we are all ‘creating’ some kind of energy pattern that is mirrored in some ‘great beyond’?

And what happens when you get two ‘energy patterns’ together – this ‘linking’ and entangling thing?  Did you know that they’ve found a photon can exist in ‘two places at once’?  (It’s a particle AND a wave kind of thing.)  Seems pretty amazing . . . until you understand the thing (and I can ‘see’ it very clearly in my head; how that thing works and all).

However: what happens when you get to mixing patterns, wave energies and all?  What about those ‘waves’ that are occurring somewhere out in that 90% of everything we’re missing?  Could they be generating some kind of ‘particle’ out of nothing at their ‘intersections’ – things like ‘matter’ (or the things that go into making matter – and energy – ‘real’).

Who knows?  Those are things for the physicists to answer; the Doctorates and things who have the time, instruments, and (most importantly!) funding . . . I certainly don’t, LOL!!!  (A thousand dollars a month ain’t gonna buy you no mass accelerator anytime soon, LOL!!)

But here’s the point: on some level another set of entanglements are being made (perhaps) – in that 90% of darkness in the universe of ‘stuff we cannot see’.  There may be more to us than we can ‘measure and see’ with the instruments mankind has had on hand.  And the fact is, I’ve had some strange stuff happen in my lifetime – stuff you could chalk up as coincidence . . . but perhaps, maybe not.  (It’s spooky how ‘real’ it’s seemed sometimes . . . but I’m not easily ‘spooked’ because I just have such an inquisitive mind.)

Look.  This is really hard stuff, and you’re gonna have to understand some science.  So I’ll just list the basics (lifted from various sources):

” In relativity, mass and energy are equivalent, and energy can take on a variety of forms, including energy that is associated with the curvature of spacetime itself, not with its contents such as atoms and photons . . . The word observable (universe) does not depend on whether modern technology actually permits detection of radiation from an object in this region (or indeed on whether there is any radiation to detect).”

Remember you Newtonian physics: Matter and energy can neither be created nor destroyed – just interchanged with each other.  Einstein’s famous “E=mc(squared)” proved that.  Matter is just energy – highly compressed, so to speak.  Personally I wonder if in those 90% of ‘nether-reaches’ of things we can’t see there aren’t energy ‘waves’ (which can be interpreted as ‘particles’ when observed during a ‘moment’ in time) – aren’t compressing ‘energy’ into . . . things somehow.  Like a diamond in the making – or even more on target, the sun using nuclear fusion to create new elements (eg. helium out of hydrogen, ad infinitum and etc.).

Anyway . . . just a point I’m trying to make here before you make up your mind “is god real or not”.  We can’t see a lot of things, and a lot of the things that are happening around us (in us) are undetectable, like radiation and stuff.  Only this stuff’s even more invisible than that.  It’s “undetectable”.

I’ll leave you with that one.

(stepping off my podium now … polite bow – and off to the races I go . . . LOL.)

Just a little information to get you started – there’s about 40 volumes of stuff you need to read at LEAST to get a handle on this thing . . . and remember: a theory is not a fact until it is proven – and we cannot prove – nor disprove – much of anything in metaphysics until all the answers have come in:

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3 Responses to Physics and The Unseen

  1. The Hobbler says:

    Well said. If nothing else, this shows that we can’t possibly know everything there is to know.


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