I’m reposting this because . . . well, it’s been on my mind lately. And it applies to some of what I was saying in my last post. And because I’m going to be out of town all day visiting and having fun and (probably) scraping with my daughter (we argue a lot; she says I’m too much like her, LOL). But I hope you enjoy my ‘cheat’ – because it’s a good example of how sometimes you have to ‘invert’ things, look at the flip side of the logic in order to find the truth – because despite what your gut says and your eyes and ears tell you – sometimes the Truth isn’t what it seems to be – until you get to looking a little bit closer, and understanding the nature of things. (Something I’m still trying to do.) Enjoy!

A Song of Life: Being DID

This is about physics . . . and the Dark Universe.  Which just happens to be the Universe we all live in. 

Before we go on, let us tell you about something: education.  You can never have too much.  And for this subject, we’re going to start with understanding Color.  Color has always been a subject of particular interest to me because 1) I am (or was) an artist, and 2) I have the common male color blindness ‘pattern’ – meaning weak on reds (10-15% of all males have this, which is why you don’t use red AND green on graphs during presentations and whatnot – a presentation ‘tip’ for you professional folks out there – I’ve been one), and 3: A company actually hired me, a color blind artist, to do computer graphics for them (both creative & technical) – at $25 an hour for about twelve years.  So…

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About jeffssong

JW is an adult childhood abuse survivor with DID*. He grew up in a violent family devoid of love and affection. He is a military brat and veteran. He no longer struggles with that past. In 1976 JW began writing "The Boy". It took 34 years to complete. It is currently on Kindle (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004T3IVKK ), or if you prefer hard copy, on Amazon ( http://www.amazon.com/Boy-J-W/dp/1461022681). JW resides somewhere in the deep South. He is disabled and living with family. Note: Please feel free to take what you need; all is free to all. With that in mind, keep it that way to others. Thank you. We have 3 Blogs - One for our younger days, 0-10 (The Little Shop of Horrors); one for our Teen Alter and his 'friends' (also alters) with a lot of poetry; and finally "my" own, the Song of Life (current events and things)
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