Department of Child Services (DEFACS) Sucks

I am really getting my craw filled with the Department of Child Services here in the Augusta Georgia / Thompson area.  Something is WRONG with these folks!

I have a granddaughter.  She is the happiest child I know.  She’s bright and shiny and goofy and fun.

She also knows how to say “shit” (and when), and if you say “that stupid bitch” she says “mom”.

This is the child who came to my house a few weeks ago covered with flea and/or bedbug bites – over 95! – on a small little body.  Very small. (She is small for a child; no pun.) That’s probably because her mom only eats a) chicken fingers, b) McDonalds hamburgers, and c) hotdogs (and NOT the good ones; she likes the pink “cheeks and beaks” kinds of stuff).  This is all this child has to live on.  (Oh, and I forgot to throw in the French Fries: that’s the ONLY veggie the mom believes in! – drowned in ‘tomato sauce’ – meaning ketchup).

And yet DEFACS says there’s nothing wrong.

This is a child who is living in poverty – who’s mom runs around, breaks court orders – and all the judge says is: ‘Oh, don’t do it again!”  Contempt of court, over and over again, and all the judge says when his orders haven’t been followed (like the prohibition against the mom having multiple men over to spend the night with them) – is: “Oh! Don’t do it again.”  Never mind that one of the men was a convicted child molester . . . that was all right again, because he was ‘her boyfriend’ (meaning the mom . . . and who knows? Perhaps the child sometimes.)

This is the situation we’re in.  Not just ‘us’ (meaning “I” and my multiple selves) – but the entire family.  And its been going on for YEARS – and it’s the courts fault as much as it is the mommas and the judge’s and DEFACS.  But of course the courts and judge say it’s not the mom’s – it’s the dad’s problem.  Because he’s the dad he’s suppose to supply them with more money – or something – or just ignore the situation because DEFACS says “It’s just fine!” (that the child is getting ate up by insects, has learned to cuss by age 3, and lives in poverty with her mom dragging her around – her ‘drug’ mom, BTW – who has tested positive for drugs over and over again – and yet the hard working dad is ‘clean’ – SHE makes a ‘better mother for the child because he is working” according to the judge’s mind.

“The momma is maternal; the father is not.  Therefore judgement (custody) goes to the mom.”  Over and over again I have heard this thing; this is NOT the first time!

“Fathers don’t know HOW to raise children.”  I’ve heard those words come not only from a judge’s mouth, but those of his cronies and a LOT of DEFACS bitches . . . I mean women . . . wait, no, they are ‘case workers’.  Case workers my ass.  They are just overworked (and prejudiced) bitches who don’t have a care – except about going home.

“Dads are always wrong.”  About everything they do.  According to these bitches; these prejudicial beings . . . I remember one telling me we didn’t qualify for welfare because we were WHITE one time (I had 4 kids, a non-working wife, no income, no job . . . and everyone was going around hungry . . . but I was white SHE (the caseworker) said it was a problem . . .

I felt like going to get the black shoe polish and putting it on, except they would have locked me up for making some kind of ‘racist statement’ against blacks instead of trying to illustrate mine.  Imagine: you are a professional white man and you are being told you do NOT qualify for any more than eighteen dollars a month – to feed and house and cloth four children – and that you don’t qualify for more because . . . you are “an educated white man – you should be working!” (A direct QUOTE from my case worker at that time.)

Now . . . (fuse is still burning and I’m fuming a bit) . . . here’s this other situation – and it’s not the first one.  Here you go: The State of Georgia and it’s DEFACS departments – and why they are SO SCREWED UP.

1.  My son’s first wife abandoned her two babies for a year and a half to go on a drunken drug spree running around with a lot of men.  My son took care of his children VERY well – he’s the best dad I have ever seen in my life. Seriously there. Much better than mine.  YET – the moment she got back from her ‘spree’ (and after divorcing him) she demanded custody of the kids.  Now these are two babies she abandoned – just up and walked out one night and left.  YET . . . despite positive tests for drugs – she gets them.  Instantly.  The courts said:

“You are the daddy. YOUR job is to provide income.  Therefore you are going to be working all day, therefore you cannot take care of them.  Custody goes to the mom.  The dad just gets to see them every other weekend – because dad’s are not moms and cannot provide adequate care.  YOU, sir, are just required to provide a paycheck.  That’s all.”

Ditto this one; the granddaughter I have – she is from the 2nd wife (which he divorced after she told him she didn’t want to a) clean house, b) cook anything (even for the kids), or c) DO anything but sit on her ass, watch TV and talk on the phone.  Which she did anyway.  HE had to come home after working hard all day (he’s a construction worker) – clean house, cook dinner, get the kids bathed – the whole nine yards . . .

And who here has the maternal instinct?  It certainly isn’t the mom!

Yet she got custody of the kids; breaks the court’s orders, lets her kids live in poverty, has men all around – and that’s “Okay”.  Something is wrong in these DEFACS workers minds.

“Go to court!” you say.  We have done it time and time again.  And it always boils down to the same kind of thing.  It doesn’t matter if the child is living in a sewage tank – as long as they are “doing fine” physically speaking.  (this is the THIRD family I’ve seen go through this; it’s not a ‘single case’).  A (former) child advocate said (get this!): He needs to ‘kidnap the child’ so he can go to jail which will change the venue (from McDuffie County to the Thompson one – which is just as bad.  In that case he would lose his job, be incarcerated, the mom would win AGAIN even though she’s the one in the wrong.

This current ‘momma’ has even been so bold as to tell him “YOU can have custody of the girl while I go out and get a job.” – but when it came down to it, she wanted it ALL.  When he asked if SHE would pay him child support (since he would have custody and possession then) – she said “NO!” – that it would not be fair.  It’s only fair if HE pays HER – even if he’s keeping the kid, even if she has a job . . .

The courts were actually for this thing.  It was “okay” by them.  Just as all these kids living in trash and neglect are “just fine”.  Horribly “just fine”.

THAT IS GEORGIA DEFACS FOR YOU – and the Georgia mindset.  “Only the mom knows how to take care of the kids” and “Dad’s are only good for a paycheck.” “Dad’s can’t be parents and providers at the same time.”  (but women can.)  “Dads lack maternal instinct.”  “Dads don’t know how to take care of babies.”  And on and on and on – the “male stereotype” sort of thing is prevalent ALL THROUGH THE GEORGIA child care system.  “Men are BAD; Women are GOOD and KIND and hugging all the time . . .”

These folks are caught up in the thinking from 150 years ago – maybe even more!  Caveman style thinking; some ‘enlightened’ Christian Baptist kinda bullshit going on . . . Baptist my ass.  Come here and let me bless them with my dong.

“Deep south” – yes, that’s where their heads are at, if you get my drift!  Waayy deep south – right up their own dumb asses.   Something is seriously wrong with the mentality of these DEFACS workers (most of them, BTW, are black; some have stated: they don’t give a damn about a white child because a white child will turn out just fine – ‘secretly’, of course! – you’ll never get one to admit this thing in public!). And something is wrong with these old judges who believe their own antiquated BS and myths they’ve made up in their own heads.

Abusive situations . . . and it’s just fine with Georgia DEFACS.  And here I thought I had lost my mind!!!


About jeffssong

JW is an adult childhood abuse survivor with DID*. He grew up in a violent family devoid of love and affection. He is a military brat and veteran. He no longer struggles with that past. In 1976 JW began writing "The Boy". It took 34 years to complete. It is currently on Kindle ( ), or if you prefer hard copy, on Amazon ( JW resides somewhere in the deep South. He is disabled and living with family. Note: Please feel free to take what you need; all is free to all. With that in mind, keep it that way to others. Thank you. We have 3 Blogs - One for our younger days, 0-10 (The Little Shop of Horrors); one for our Teen Alter and his 'friends' (also alters) with a lot of poetry; and finally "my" own, the Song of Life (current events and things)
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2 Responses to Department of Child Services (DEFACS) Sucks

  1. Sickening. The girl with the bites and very tiny – yet they accuse a 6 year old boy of sexual harassment by singing that song about being sexy (they lyrics have completely escaped me).

    I’ve known many fathers who make a much better parent than the mother. Giving birth does not automatically make one a great mom. Plus, it sounds like these women are only using their children for cruel mental leverage and child support.


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