Arab “Spring” – Arab Fall

Arab Spring, Arab FAIL

From what I’ve seen, heard, and read, the famous “Arab Spring” has turned into an “Arab FAIL” – as in they did not achieve their goals as united nations.  Instead, they have turned back to factional fighting, tribal warfare, interior corruption (though I don’t think they gave that one up to begin with), et cetra ad infinitum – the same issues which have plagued the Middle East region for millennia.

Now I’m fairly tolerant of all religions – any religion, actually.  I don’t care what you believe.  Conversely, I don’t expect you to go shoving your beliefs down my throat – my system.  Especially at gunpoint.  (“Them’s fighting words,” a part of me gruffly responds.  We are all into American liberties and value systems.)

I have a thing about me and religion and those who try to push their beliefs on me.

“Why,” I ask them, “Do you require ME to believe what YOU believe?  Is your belief – your FAITH in what you believe so shaky that you require ME to believe it too?  Can you not believe in your own God without the support of outside people, too?  Are you that uncertain that you are right that you must force ME to believe as YOU do in order for it to seem right to YOU??”

They stutter and stammer around, and they go on about pretending to ‘save my soul’.  Well thank you very much – my soul is not yours to save.  It is my own, and I’ll believe what I want.

Watching these Arab – Muslim – nations fall apart is a terrible thing, for I know 80 to 90 percent of the population probably does not follow these “radical extremists” paths.  Most Muslims are good law abiding citizens.  Many practice tolerance in their religion.  But when it comes to mine – leave it alone (stern and dire warning).

I have no problem wiping my ass with the pages of the Koran.  Or the Bible.  Or Torah for that matter.  Those pages are just paper to me; words, useless things.  It is the belief and the values that matter – not the words written down on paper.

Nor do I have any problem with someone “defacing”, making fun of, or mocking my – or anyone else’s religion.  If you are that insecure in your own belief that their mockery has an impact on you – then that’s YOUR problem, not theirs.  It is not for you to address – or try to hush or censor their freedom of speech.  It is YOUR problem to address your faith and why you have so little of it that you “need” someone to believe as you do, follow as you do . . .

And if your “Good Book” says you should kill unbelievers – well, that’s wrong, too.  Those kinds of books should be thrown out for the trash they are.  God is about love and forgiveness, mercy and understanding, patience and virtue.  Not hatred and anger.  If your book says you should go out and kill someone because your “god” told you to – then you belong in the insane asylum with the rest of the psychotic nuts – locked behind bars.

As for this “Arab Spring” – though it is most appropriate it is fall now, for it appears it is going to be an “Arab Fall” – or “fail” in other words.  They can’t seem to get it together (witness Iran), they are still broken into a bunch of tribal nations – and poor peaceful Muslims are getting grouped in the crowd by the behavior of these ‘extremists’.

I don’t know about you, but here in the USA we would never allow that sort of stuff – mobs storming the Egyptian, Libyan, and Yemen embassies, pulling their people out and putting them to death.  That’s what we have the law and the National Guard for.  We insist on tolerance for religion – even political outlooks!  We don’t “demand” that YOU believe in anything – except that other people have the right to feel, think, and believe what they want.

Why can’t the Arabs & Muslims catch onto that?

And this “Arab Fall” – this is going to be putting a huge dent into their economy.  Many innocent Muslims are going to fall prey to anti-Muslim attitudes.  Even I look down on them a bit now (though I know I shouldn’t).  To part of ‘me’ they seem like animals, tearing at one another and tearing at the world, trying to dictate what the WORLD should believe, think, and pray in.  Fifteen percent of Egypt’s economy is (or was) based on tourism.  Would YOU want to go there right now??  I wouldn’t.  I’ve wanted to go – but I wouldn’t right now, nor do I think I’ll ever go in my lifetime.  It simply isn’t safe over there – not for an American tourist, nor my American dollars.

They are shooting themselves in their own feet right now – and for a long time in the future.  The longer they hang onto their intolerant antiquated attitudes that insist “everyone must be like them” the worse their road will be.  As it is I see their countries are falling apart; their people are divided, there is no “Arab Spring”.   I wish there was, but no . . . there is not.

Maybe their people just aren’t up to it.  Lord knows they don’t get along.  I feel sorry for my Muslim friends who have gotten lumped in with that crowd.

But the fact is: the Arab Fall is beginning.


About jeffssong

JW is an adult childhood abuse survivor with DID*. He grew up in a violent family devoid of love and affection. He is a military brat and veteran. He no longer struggles with that past. In 1976 JW began writing "The Boy". It took 34 years to complete. It is currently on Kindle ( ), or if you prefer hard copy, on Amazon ( JW resides somewhere in the deep South. He is disabled and living with family. Note: Please feel free to take what you need; all is free to all. With that in mind, keep it that way to others. Thank you. We have 3 Blogs - One for our younger days, 0-10 (The Little Shop of Horrors); one for our Teen Alter and his 'friends' (also alters) with a lot of poetry; and finally "my" own, the Song of Life (current events and things)
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9 Responses to Arab “Spring” – Arab Fall

  1. Noel says:

    Wow! I could not have said it any better. You are so right about people’s insecurities and how it is reflected on their eagerness to try to convert the rest of us to think and believe the same way they do. And any holy book is worthless unless what they teach (the mercy, compassion, love part of their teachings) is practiced in our lives everyday. I am sick and tired of all of the violence caused by these fanatic, insecure, narrow minded people who think their faith is superior to others. Keep writing!


  2. Michael says:

    I am with you totally. Some nations want to force there way of life on everyone. The set up dictators in other countries with the money they have and then go to war to get rid of the dictators declaring everyone needs democracy. Ignoring that Germany was a democracy. Then they jail their own people for crimes the presidents admit to committing.

    Why can’t everyone get that we in the US are just superior to everyone else and it has nothing to do with our huge economy which is from having lost zero infrastructure in the war and less of our labor force than any other nation. Can’t they get we are just superior.

    We love or freedom of speech. Just ask Julian Assange or the Chicago Seven who were jailed so long and never convicted or any crime.

    Why don’t they all just have a civil war where more people are killed that all other wars they have been in combined. Just like us superior non violent types.

    Why can’t they just get over it. We superior people need a war now and again so we make up things like WMD and that Iraq was involved in 9/11. Ya sure some people got killed with the bombs and everything. Some of the people were raped and murdered by our soldiers. That is just the way it is and much of the horror was not US troops at all. We subcontracted most of it out to outfits like Black Hawk. It is just the american way.

    Think of it all like Vietnam. We need to be involved. Well for a while then we broker a peace and go back on our word and a million are killed. That did not make it into our free press.

    After all it is not like we unconditionally surrendered to the Indian nation on our own soil and then just did not honor our word in effect genocide of the indigenous people. Bad example.

    Look at all the things we have bought with out having to create them. Atomic weapons, medicine the PC. The list goes on and on.

    God Bless America with a big economy. It is what makes us great.

    Note I do love my county and the people in it. I just do not love them for what they are not which is superior in anyway. We are just people in a blip in history where we are on top. Just like the other countries that used to be on top.

    By the way Kenya has discovered oil while drilling for water. Looks like they need a dictator we can not ignore them any longer.

    On a side note the most vicious Mexican cartel was trained by our superior special forces. Good work men you should be proud of what you accomplished.


    • Noel says:

      Michael, I would like to visit your blog, Do you have a link to it?


    • jeffssong says:

      Don’t know how much you’ve lived overseas – but some do suck. In many they would kill you for what you just wrote – or jail you and torture you. Not here in America, though. You can thank the government and military for that.

      We do have the biggest of a lot of things. How did we get them? We are one of the youngest countries. Why are others which have been around so much longer so much further behind? You would think given a thousand years or so they would be much further ahead, but they are not. Why is that? What is wrong “over there”?

      America IS superior is some ways – and if you’ve ever lived in a foreign land you’d find that out mighty quick – as soon as you opened your mouth and spouted off to some official in the government or cop or lawyer how much you hated them or the system you were in – the least or slightest criticism. Why do you think so many of “them” want to come HERE?? They know it’s better – they’re living it.

      Not to say we’re perfect – far from it. We have more shootings, car wrecks, and some pretty f’d up attitudes. We stick our noses in – everything. Can’t say that’s right – but often it IS about human rights and equality issues as well as oil or business. We provide more aid to other countries than any other. We do a lot of good. When was the last time you heard of an Arab “relief mission” to help someone in a foreign land? When was the last time you got some foreign aid? Never, I reckon – and let that tell you a lot about some of those folks attitudes. If you haven’t lived with them, around them – you haven’t got a clue. Really.

      It may not be bad here, but it’s a lot better than it could be, and it’s not perfect – but I’m not going to feel guilty about what we’ve got. I’m not that sorry a person. I feel proud about “the American way” compared to many others I’ve seen – the graft, corruption, and ignoring of basic human values. It’s much better here – and there’s a lot of good reasons. As messed up as some of them are.


      • Michael says:

        Hey Jeffsong,

        “We provide more aid to other countries than any other.” This is true we do however give a less % than any other developed country.

        No question it is better here than many other places and I like that. The reason is fate not that we are superior. We are not doing so good financially right now. We have spent the luck we had in the two world wars. Actually we have borrowed against it. We are going down hill with the liberty thing because we are not superior. Check the paper. The FBI just happened across some e-mails and lead a kid to blow up a bar. Anyone but me notice it is not credible the FBI just happened across a private e-mail.

        Text a benign message about the president of the this county and see what happens. The secret service shows up at your door.

        Look at it from a historical perspective. Do you not think the British saw themselves as superior and having a superior way?

        The British fought the Spanish American war to protect there investment. They won and there was a bill. Well some subjects did not want to pay the bill. That is how the American way was started.

        People want to come here as it is the biggest economy. Pretty simple. Just so you know the real good places to live like Sweden do not let people in and they do not run a large economy and need cheap labor.

        You are correct we are a new country. Do you not notice we are headed towards how other countries are now. Go figure we are not special. As far as corruption goes I would rather pay cash than the million dollar golden parachute that government employees make when they retire. The million is for the low class of government employee.

        You are aware we have more people in prison in this free county than any of the other repressive countries.

        While I am at it the Constitution is really and not England document and only we believe it is the greatest document ever written. Propaganda.

        i know I am lucky to live here. I am OK with being lucky and have not need to think luck makes me anything other than lucky.

        You experience in other countries is not credible as a way to evaluate the american way. It is like having a person from Moscow go to the south side of Chicago where the police dare not go and have them evaluate the American way. We only lock up the ones that come out of the places the police do not go. We can’t lock them up fast enough nor are we going to be able to afford it much longer.


      • jeffssong says:

        One of the things you might recall is that “we will become more like them (the USSR) and them like US (U.S.)” – said during the 60’s or so by one of the communist leaders – and so it is true. We are heading down a road I don’t like: a Police State – which IMO is all the more reason for people to speak out.

        Never said we are “superior” but we do have superior means. How did we get those? Sometimes through brute force, violence, and atrocities – but nowadays that’s become much less HERE. Not so much in other, less developed lands.

        I don’t think we spent our luck so much as the Americans have grown fat, lazy, complacent, and depend on their government to do EVERYTHING for them – and are all too willing to take offense for anything. Too many people want to point the finger at everyone but themselves and their own stupid mistakes (e.g. not going to school or dropping out) and then putting their hand out for government money. The system is skewed and screwed, and yes, other governments (e.g. your Sweden/Norway examples – and Finland has a wonderful educational system) – have done better. But they don’t act as policeman of the world – which is another dubious role I see America in – and yet one in which other countries have asked us in to do, including some of the Arab ones upon occasion. But also look at their tax load. Many pay 50-75% of their income to their government for those services. We don’t – and yet we demand them now. Wasn’t that way a half-century ago. You were expected to work for a living – not stand on the corner waiting for a government handout.

        The surveillance thing is something WE the citizens demanded. “Make us safe,” we said after 9/11. “Protect us.” And sooo . . . well, we asked for it. “Watch them” we said, “Make sure our neighbors aren’t terrorists or threats to us.” Odd that these same people then got upset when they found “they” were included with “us”. We ask for the government to “do something” then bitch when they do – or apply it to ourselves. And so when they go snooping through your email looking for terrorists . . . well, we asked them to, remember? Just nobody thought it would apply to them.

        “You experience in other countries is not credible as a way to evaluate the american way. It is like having a person from Moscow go to the south side of Chicago where the police dare not go and have them evaluate the American way”

        This is a bizarrely odd statement, considering I have lived in both America and other countries – and not all of them “bad”. Just different. I have seen how other people live. Both bad and good and on both sides of the Big Pond. I think I can make a valid judgement based on some years of experience overseas and living amongst them – and living over here. I know the difference. I lived it. And I know why they come.

        Talk to some foreign tourists. Ask them how they FEEL over here. Many (and I was surprised how many!) say “It feels so FREE here – so lovely!” They can FEEL it and envy us that. Including some Norwegians I met 2 years ago at Meteor Crater over in Arizona. I spent some time talking to them and they just kept going on and on about how “free it felt” – and how stifling in their own land. Go figure. Talk to some immigrants – and you’ll see. It is much ‘better’ here, albeit not much different in some ways – and I worry about where I see us going, re that “Police State” coming down the road, driven by social media outlets and pressure by the people to “keep us safe” and hand us our ‘entitlements’ all the time.


  3. Michael says:

    What are we disagreeing on I forget. Smile

    It is my contention that the human beings that happen to live in the US or happened to be born here are not qualitatively better than any other humans.

    I agree that at this point in history the US is the best place to live for the greatest percentage of people.

    I content the overriding reason the US is the best place to live at this time is luck. Dumb luck.

    The dumb luck being on the wining side of the world wars losing less percentage of their work force and having lost no infrastructure. That as far as I am concerned is the overriding factor of why the United States has the largest economy in the world at this time Or one of them depending on who is counting.

    I do not think our “system” is the cause of our being the largest economy rather our system works better only because we have the largest economy.

    Although anecdotal does it not make sense that in these hard economic times out “system” is morphing into a repressive government?

    I believe in a capitalistic economy which rewards those that create products above all others. I do not see service as a base for an economy rather a service economy can exist over time only if something is being produced.


    • jeffssong says:

      Gave ya a “good” on that, Michael. Inherently no human being is ‘superior’ or ‘better’ than any one else – at the beginning. Environment and history can change things. Those other countries had the chance to build an infrastructure – some did, some didn’t. Look at Africa, cradle of mankind. They’ve been there longest of all – should be the most developed, right? Wrong. And why not? There are theories, of course.

      I’m glad we won the two World Wars. Would not want Hitler or his protege’ running things. Since then – we have not really won a war. Just a holding pattern (at best), a loss (if you count Vietnam) – or this endless “police action” which isn’t war, but a political thing in which soldiers do not belong. Cops maybe. But soldiers were never supposed to be cops. But they are now. (rather grim.)

      I have long said loss of manufacturing – the so called “service economy” is a bunch of BS – who is making things? You need that to survive. We cannot be a consumer culture only – but we do. For the most part. However that worm is turning as lifestyles (and costs) in China rise. I am hoping Africa become the next ‘expanding nation’ (like China) but doubt they can get it together – plus they are so poor they rob their infrastructure (tearing it down for scrap metal value) as fast you you string the lines. (Read about businesses trying to do business there – sighing . . . hopeless crap.)

      China has always had the largest workforce of all. Always. Billions of them. Millions of “US”. Big difference. Tech rules.

      Being born an American (or in my case, immigration – despite my military parents I had to be naturalized and sworn in at 16 due to my birth certificate being a foreign one) – IS a matter of luck. I hope I am so lucky again if you believe in reincarnation. I would go for Norwegian, but I don’t like fish (slight smile). Really dislike them cuz . . . they taste like fish. (Despite other people’s objections if I would “just try this or that one, or recipe”.)

      Maybe I’ll get to be born a plankton dreaming in some ocean – far far away. Lot less worry that way. And probably a lot calmer and more peaceful too. (Up until that whale eats you . . . but oh well . . .)


      • Michael says:

        Africa got no oil and no water.

        I want to be an osprey in my next life. They can fly and fly underwater.

        I am OK with the fish thing.

        I am gong to steal the concept of fish tastes like fish and that is why I do not like it. Say like I don’t like beets they taste like beets.

        It is funny I have experienced past lives I do nothing in this one for the next one. Other than I would not commit suicide as that really did not work out in a past life. This is what happened. I was some sort of medicine person. I make vessels out of clay and then filled them with fat and water. They exploded. Magic. So then I found some phosphorus and magnesium. The phosphorus from plants and the magnesium in a bank of a river that had eroded. Dried it all out mixed it up with other stuff and got this real magic thing going. Well I over did it and a bunch of people got welders flash and went blind for a bit. I was not there as I was channeling the spirits. IE getting fucked up on something.

        Anyway I got shunned and threw myself off a cliff. It did not go well. Laid there all broke up and near dead.


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