Skipping In to Skip Out Again

God, it’s good to be back home again.  I’ve been busy this season – the Christmas lights are hung but the shopping and wrapping aren’t done.

I’m late, there’s no debate, and I’m just passing on through.  That could be the phrase of my life (again) sometimes.

As any good (and savvy) internet user will do, I haven’t advertised my presence – or lack of one.  “Don’t advertise when you’re gonna be gone,” they say, “because thieves and burglars can target you.”

I could’ve use a few where I’ve been; where I’m going.  There’s one particular place I’ve got my eye on . . .

But in other news, I’ve had the benefit of taking care of one of these:

DSCN0974Cute as can be, three years old, I had her for about a week over at my house.  Grandfatherly duties take precedent over everything, especially when it comes to a child in my house.

“Teacher,” she calls me sometimes, when she’s not calling me ‘Pappa’.

I’ve a fortunate one.  She’s of a good disposition – doesn’t stay angry for long, and is as goofy and silly as I am.  Sometimes.

Recent Events

Gun Control

I’m a gun owner.  As long as everyone has one (especially the ‘bad guys’) I’m sort of in favor of gun ownership.  And as far as the ‘ease’ with which can get one – I can vouch that it’s very easy to get one.  I have several.

I went in and bought three firearms in under forty-minutes, no questions asked.  All handguns, all semi-automatic, and without a problem.  Nice thing to do.  My wife and daughter now have their own personal protection, and I worry a lot less about them.

However, when it comes to 30 round magazines and other non-sporting arms – I’m starting to change my mind about them.  Ownership, I mean.

However, I bear in the back of my mind what the Japanese admiral said.  What the Russians said when we were staring at them across the border.

“There’s a gun behind every blade of grass,” our enemies commented.  “It would be worse for us than their Vietnam.”

And that’s so true.

So on gun ownership – I’m divided.  But the horrors I’ve seen have got to stop.  I hate seeing innocents getting wasted.

The Nut Cases

What can I say?  The school shooting in CT, the mall shootings.  Per capita such crimes are going down – but the fact that there are more people the number of incidents is going up.  And even one is too much.  At least for me.  Especially when it comes to shooting children.

What can I say?  As a soldier – and as a teen, when I was just an Army dependent – the idea of shooting a child was considered “okay” – in some situations.  Like if you saw them running towards you strapped with packages of explosives.  And you were supposed to leave the babies laying in the ditches where you found them.  There might be boobytraps, you know.

In certain situations we were told we should fire down on those crying babies so no other soldier would start trying to feel sorry for them . . . go try and rescue them, get himself and perhaps some others of ‘our men’ blown up as well.

It’s a hard thing for me to deal with, and (if you are trying) – a hard thing to swallow and try to get your mind around.

But it was done (and said) in order to protect some American troops.  To keep our guys alive instead.

But that said – I guess my instructors had a heart.  I know I did.

However, that doesn’t do anything for me in this current situation.

People need to bear in mind that sometimes things just happen.  Sometimes people just go insane.  There is no “why”.  You can’t go into speculating why some insane man would take his guns, go into a school, and start blowing everyone up.  Just looking at it is sickening to me.

Self-defense – or to save the lives of your fellow man is one thing.

Murdering little children another.

The mark of a coward and a traitor.  To his generation and beyond.

On the Flip Side

Because everything isn’t all depressing, I offer you a chance to pick something to do – something constructive that just might be of benefit to all mankind.  Whether your interest is in planet hunting, zoological classification – or things that are more estoric, such as protein folding or more, try some of these sites where you can have fun making a contribution to scientific knowledge for the benefit of mankind.

It’s a process called “gamification” in which scientists are learning to use YOU the casual “layman”, child, or reader to advance our knowledge about the world – and beyond!  You can join the SETI project to actively search for alien life, help NASA classify features on the moon and more.

I hope you will “enlist” and “do” a project while you are bored.  It’s something to help everyone.  And it might help build your brain, knowledge base, and give you some new news you can use.


About jeffssong

JW is an adult childhood abuse survivor with DID*. He grew up in a violent family devoid of love and affection. He is a military brat and veteran. He no longer struggles with that past. In 1976 JW began writing "The Boy". It took 34 years to complete. It is currently on Kindle ( ), or if you prefer hard copy, on Amazon ( JW resides somewhere in the deep South. He is disabled and living with family. Note: Please feel free to take what you need; all is free to all. With that in mind, keep it that way to others. Thank you. We have 3 Blogs - One for our younger days, 0-10 (The Little Shop of Horrors); one for our Teen Alter and his 'friends' (also alters) with a lot of poetry; and finally "my" own, the Song of Life (current events and things)
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4 Responses to Skipping In to Skip Out Again

  1. Michael says:

    I can go with the only protection against tyranny is a armed public. I do think it is a deterrent. On the other hand I am OK with not being able to buy explosives.

    I do not own a gun, Just do not.

    Any government which can convince themselves water boarding is not torture even after having put people to death for water boarding can pretty much work around anything, I expect the reality is that they do not need to come get your guns. They can just stop the supply of ammunition. How many hours do you think it would take to empty all the places in the US that sell ammunition? In a armed conflict with the government how long with the ammunition stored last?

    I expect the internet does have a kill switch in the US.

    Here is the thing. If I were in charge I would have a plan to get the ammunition and shut down the internet. If I ran a county I would want nuclear weapons.

    Does not matter I am only in charge of me and my cat. And the control of the cat is dicey.


    • jeffssong says:

      You don’t control the cat. The cat controls you. After all, who responds to who, and in what ways? And who gains, in the end?

      The cat has a comfy lifestyle.

      I pretty much agree with what you’ve said. I also own a Lee reloader, bench mounted. Not that I use the thing.

      I wish they hadn’t “outlawed” nitrates. Not for it’s explosive quality, but its fertilizer properties. Great stuff used right.

      I personally cannot stand anarchists, assholes, intolerance, or people with a terrorist mind plus intent plus action. It’s that kind of thinking + action that led to not having my tomatoes (& other veggies) grow greenly. Can’t get nitrates no more.

      I used to love to fly. Now I can’t stand it. I’m waiting for the anal / rectum screening to become part of “the norm”. I miss sitting and smoking my cigarettes and watching the clouds drift by below as the attendant removed my plate from the decent meal I had. Terrorists ruined all of that – the decency and comfort. But not the good meal. The airlines did that one themselves.

      Our government has gotten worse, not better, but it’s the People who drive it, saying “Keep me SAFE in everything I do” – meaning keep an eye and ear on everyone, including me and you. And them who asked for it.

      I always laugh when I hear a wimp complaining about the government’s intrusions upon their private lives. So many are so unaware. They asked the gov. to watch everyone – but are upset when they find it includes themselves.


      • Michael says:

        I like the way Noway handled the shooter that shot all those people on the island. They portrayed him as a pitiful weak person which was what he was. They did not go the he was evil or a great monster. Just a pitiful human being. When I think of terrorist I think of Bin Laden holed up watching porn and news about himself. People have short memories they forget all the hijackings that used to happen. That was solved when they had no place to take the plane. Make me safe at all costs is the way people think. I think in their head someone else is paying for it. It really is like putting on paint extra thick. They spend so much money that is wasted over all they are less safe. No idea if the study is credible, it concluded that environmental laws save one life for every million dollars spent. To be clear that is a bargain if it is mine. Yours it is outrageous. Governments can be good at things no one else can. Thing is they take credit for everything and no blame. Fear is a strong motivator. Just ask the insurance companies they sell it all the time. One day I figured out how many cars I would buy in my lifetime if I carried collision and have not sense. Liability is required by law. In effect the government requires that all people in cars are insured.

        Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2012 01:38:12 +0000 To:


      • jeffssong says:

        I remember standing in the Rhein Mein (Frankfort, Germany) airport as a 13/14 yr old – it was a cloudy day – and far out on the runways sat a passenger jet. It had been hijacked and the terrorists were on board. We were flying out (home, back to America). “How that sucks,” I thought right then.

        People’s demands drive the law, structure, and scope of government – until the government gets too big and/or tyrannical and begins to drive those things itself. This can include moralities, values, and “truths”. They can be modified – and are, and have been over time – by our United States gov. courtesy mostly of Hollywood. Social media drives social thinking – and society drives the lawmakers to “make some rules that will keep me safe”. Thus we’ve gotten into DUI laws, seatbelt laws, child restraint law – and other stuff, such as intrusions into our private lives.

        So often I hear people say “But I don’t want them sneaking through my email and phone calls! I don’t want them to know what I’m doing all the time.”

        And I’ve heard the reply “Why not? If you’ve done nothing wrong – what’s the bother? Do you mind them seeing you have sex with your wife?”.

        It’s a hard division. Private life isn’t private – not anymore. People have demanded that the government “keep them safe” – through welfare systems and increasingly, “social reform” – increasing the tax rates seems the only way.

        I wish they’d make a law against suing for damages if you’d done something stupid or broke some rule (e.g. “Do not lean on this railing” or “Caution: Contents Are Hot” on a McDonald’s cup). Anyone who was found guilty of stupidity first would be fined – and not allowed to sue under law. A lot of “damages” would go away with that one.

        But apparently you can’t make a law against stupidity. It’s been found discriminatory. And I’m too stupid to know why, LOL’ing.


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