Buy “The Boy” & Help Me Help Cops Help Abused Kids

Well, the money ran out.  We drained the last of funds from sales of “The Boy” and put them into this (the 2nd load of 2):

Toys For Cops To Give To Kids Awaiting Processing

Toys For Cops To Give To Kids Awaiting Processing

We managed to get the above with the last $35 in the book’s account with help from a friend (a real man) who manages these kinds of things for us, including the publication & help writing “the Boy”.  He’s a real hero in my mind, and oversees everything (at no charge!) to make sure everything is “fair” – plus it frees MY mind to wander and roam where it will.  He keeps telling me I need to get to work on the next installment of “The Boy, Part Two” in which Jeffery moves towards healing and we follow him while he’s growing up.  But here’s the thing:

In TWO years of sales, maybe a little bit more, this book has only raised about $50, and some of it is from my friend.  Not much, judging from sales. BUT IT IS A GOOD BOOK.  Everyone who has read it says so – a “wonderful book” and a “marvelous story”.  One reviewer of the early version said they wished they could “savor forever like a chocolate”.  I know we’re re-reading it – and am discovering things again.  It’s some  fine writing though there is an occasional typo.  (That’s the result of having too few eyes on it (his and mine). Lots of symbols & innuendos, and double meanings, triple sometimes, and I get the references to all kinds of things – both said & unsaid in the novel.   I know by the time I got to Chapter 5 I was hooked again.  I couldn’t put it down.  If YOU can put it down on past Chapter 5 there must be something wrong with you.  It’s got plenty good turns of phrase,  hidden meanings, a twisted plot from hell, and WHILE talks about childhood rape and a vicious childhood beating (one reader said it was so bad she was tempted to throw the book against the wall – but couldn’t because it was too fascinating, and her concern for Jeff the child).  It’s tastefully done, though, not like many OTHER child abuse books where the author seems intent on only horrifying you.  THIS is about the STORY of two human beings who fall in love, and one other who’s gone insane.  Sure, it has it’s moments, but it’s not “rough”.  It’s mostly a crime and human interest, novel with lots of romantic/dramatic twists thrown in.

Anyway . . . IF you LOVE a good novel that builds to a crescendo (trust me, by the time you get to Chp. 6 you’re gonna hearing the cymbals!) – and keeps you there on “the ride of your life” (in terms of a novel) and one that readers say will endear you to the characters (“They’re so real!” other readers have said) – then you’re gonna wanna read this book.  May I suggest you get the hard copy as that’s where the money is at?  The money that comes in from ‘donations” in the form of a royalty check from Amazon?  Plus it would look handsome with that cover on anyone’s nice shelf.  It’s nice art, and symbolic of anyone who is healing from abuse – a man & his kid (his inner being) taking a walk down a road to a brighter day . . .  If you can’t get the hardcopy (Amazon sends about $6 for every one sold) there is an older e-Book version available here:  I think I get about .30 cents off that, if that much.  Last time I checked it was .12 cents.  Not much, and not enough to get a stuffed animal for some kids.

That’s about all, folks.  The toys shown above – again, may I stress my friend & I & some other folks are stretching every dollar, plus throwing some in ourselves? (For example I’ve got one doing all the cleaning & bagging & tagging & delivering to the cop stations – money from his own pocket plus I made him buy his own books for himself – 3 if I recall, not that he was unhappy to do it!)  ALL the money from this book goes to this one thing: buying “comfort items for kids” for cops to give to them when they pick them up from a domestic violence situation, or one that’s been abusive, or when they find some kid or young child in trouble.  We ARE doing a good thing, I think, and it IS a rather damn fine book with lots of really good writing.

So far we’ve made ONE donation to the Grovetown Georgia Police last week if you want to call & verify donations are being made – that I (and we) are telling the truth.  This ain’t no scam, just straight up as I can get it and keep it.  As you can see from the above we have some more donations coming up.  Currently we are researchingthe most poor police stations in the CSRA Georgia area.  IF you care and want to read a damn good book about human interest, child abuse, Southern law & racial prejudice, crime and drama; a love story built in; a child’s love & the love of his father; understanding child molesters and DID victims, or are wanting to see how one is made, or created, or how a sexually groomed child wants and thinks and why – then this is the book for you.  Rich and gorgeously carved from the South – the swamps, the heat of the cities, and the little small towns; political corruption, dark family ties, and tightly woven plots, sub-plots, & cliff hangers . . .

Then this book, “The Boy“, is for you.  Try it and buy one.  I think you’ll find it a treasure chest of . . . LIVING.  Life.  Living with a DID person.  BEING DID, or an abused child, or a groomed one, or even the horror that abuses them.  It’s all in there.  Two people’s lives intertwined; intertwining; magic & ghosts, police & the law, wrong assumptions & wild goose chases; dramatic encounters, and a scene that will leave you breathless – if not one, then at least two or three more.

Give it a buy & do it for the kids, if nothing else.  The bank account supported by this is cleaned out & it’s time to refill it again so we can do some more good work done for kids.  Have a heart, read this book if no other, and help a lot of folks out.  After all: this is helps build better police relations and warms a lot of little innocent hearts.

Thank you.



“The Boy” fits the following genre’s
Crime Thriller
Psychological Thriller
Child Abuse
Criminal Law (fictionized)
Human Interest
Love Story
Wilderness Survival Story

and covers the following topics:

Sexual Child Abuse
Mental & Emotional Child Abuse
How A Child Abuse Victim Thinks
How A Sexually Groomed Child Thinks & Rationalizes
The Effects of Verbal Abuse on a Child
How Sexual Abuse Affects a Child (Flinching Reflex, Heightened / False Sexual Alertness & Concepts)
DID & Its Effects – Seen from the Inside A Matured System
BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) and MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) – Seen from the Inside (protagonist)
A Developing Schizophrenic Episode (antagonist) seen from the inside
Understanding the Mind of a Child Abuser / Molester: seen from the inside (antagonist)
Racism in the South
Political Corruption
Southern Law Corruption
How the Justice System Can Fail an Abused Child
Law / Criminal Procedural Inefficiencies: Why the Law Can – and DOES – Fail Victims of Crime
Procedural Indifference in the Southern Justice System
“Good Old Boy Politics”: How it Came About, Takes Place, and (still) Happens
The Influence of Clan, Family, & Cultures in the South
Racial Prejudice Against the Black Man
Homelessness In America
Class & Race Prejudice In America
The Child Justice System
How Blacks Are Treated Differently in Southern Law
Perceptions of “Northerners” (aka “foreigners”) in Southern eyes.
The “place” of the black man in the South.
Family Influence on Community Members & Law


About jeffssong

JW is an adult childhood abuse survivor with DID*. He grew up in a violent family devoid of love and affection. He is a military brat and veteran. He no longer struggles with that past. In 1976 JW began writing "The Boy". It took 34 years to complete. It is currently on Kindle ( ), or if you prefer hard copy, on Amazon ( JW resides somewhere in the deep South. He is disabled and living with family. Note: Please feel free to take what you need; all is free to all. With that in mind, keep it that way to others. Thank you. We have 3 Blogs - One for our younger days, 0-10 (The Little Shop of Horrors); one for our Teen Alter and his 'friends' (also alters) with a lot of poetry; and finally "my" own, the Song of Life (current events and things)
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2 Responses to Buy “The Boy” & Help Me Help Cops Help Abused Kids

  1. Is this a novel or is it meant to be your childhood story?

    You know, I really wanted to purchase a copy but it’s just a bit too steep for me. I understand you want to use the funds from it to help kids, and I’m behind that all the way. But I wonder if it might help to make a cheaper softcover available, also offer it as an e-book? You might actually sell more copies that way.

    I have a poetry book I made through Blurb, and it’s all about sexual abuse. I didn’t realize that with the formatting I chose I would have to charge about $21 for each copy, and it’s not very big nor hardcover. So I’m in the process of making a less deluxe version so that anyone can buy a copy, and I will offer it in e-book too.

    Just my thoughts here. I wish you the best with your venture and hope many children will be blessed through your efforts!


    • jeffssong says:

      For our real childhood story you would want to go to the “Little House of Horrors” sub-blog here:

      And DON’T let me, or this book or its purpose, guilt you into buying something you don’t NEED, especially when money’s tight. I’ve been there done that so much (sighing) – living on $1300 a month, now, so I’m well familiar with the Ramen noodle diet – and fine with it. 🙂 So please, do NOT buy this book if it’s going to put a financial strain. If you DO want to look at the e-Book, go here:

      Amazon pretty much set the price based on the POD publisher’s price and I add NOTHING to it. I just take whatever Amazon sends for selling it. Feel free to publicize it if you feel it’s good, or doing a good thing! My resources on that front are non-existent to limited, mostly restricted to social media. So sales are poor. Getting the word out helps – and it really is a fine book, and while there ARE some typos (technical mistakes, such as “the the”) it’s pretty deep & varied. Beware the beginning is meant to lull you into a brain-numbed state (it is almost poetic with a ‘rhythm’) then the ‘beat’ of a DID numbed brain falls away as the action starts. (about 4 or 5 pages in). I think that throws some people and “I” am tempted to change it but other parts will not let me. Not yet, anyway, LOL! We’ll see. It’s a lot of work to rewrite & publish, lemme tell ya. Took some of us over a year.

      Btw, “The Boy” IS a soft cover (paperback), not a hard cover since that would have driven the price up even more! I hope you can not only read it (the e-book edition at least) – get yourself to Chp 6 (there are about 80 chapters, over 700 pages?) – and decide if this is something you want to promote yourself, perhaps on your timeline, a blog post, or whatever. But READ IT FIRST. I hate ‘spam’ and those fake reviews, so I’m always on people to do this: read, THEN write about it, and what they think. IF you would do that, provided you see the e-version as being doable for you, and post it as a review, even on this site – it would help, as I’m having to rely on “word of mouth” – or “word on the internet” to sell it and make those few pathetic dollars to help kids who shouldn’t be needing help in the 1st place if people were “right”. (a little anger there; I’m still mad at my mother, LOL.)

      Until later – and again: please do NOT spend anything that will hurt you. I kind want that real bad for folks. Too many of “us” hurt ourselves already, which is why so many (including me) are always on the edge of financial “ruin” or at least the occasional “ouch” hardship. But that’s okay in my views, since I learned to be happy with little to nothing at a young age, LOL!


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